Tuesday, June 29, 2004


I am so sleepy and I don't know why. I got plenty of sleep last night. I think it's the food I eat. Stupid food. I don't need more caffeine, but maybe I need less carbs or something. This sleepiness is not common, but it sure is a pain in my ass. I can't seem to concentrate on work.

Maybe I'll have a soda. Yeah, that's it. A soda with sugar and caffeine in it. Forget this healthy eating thing I've been doing.

It's backwards time again!

Teresa and I went out to dinner last night at a new place on Wallingford called Clara's Food for the Soul. It was unusual. She tries all the weird places with me. Before we went to dinner, however, I took her to the bunny gathering at Woodland Park. She now wants to move there. Two guys that were there had a bag of carrots and gave her one. She had bunnies crawling all over her and they let her pet them and everything.

Sunday, Tony and I did nothing except go to brunch at Mae's. It was lovely. Oh wait...we rented a couple of movies. First, we watched The Fog of War. Excellend documentary that I highly recommend. Second, we watched Woody Allen's latest, Anything Else. Don't bother with this one. Woody Allen has lost the talent he had. He keeps making the same movie but gives the characters different names.

Friday night after work, Tony & I drove down to Portland to visit Dean, Amy & Mathilda. We got there late and met Amy downtown and then went to their house and hung out for a bit. On Saturday, we drove over to their place, went out to brunch at Village Inn. When they come up for a visit, we'll have to show them what brunch is all about. Afterwards, we took the speed mass transit thing that I can't remember the name of to downtown and tooled around a bit. Man, it was hot. Tony & I left around 3:30pm to drive back to Seattle to go to Fahrenheit 9/11 again. T got sunburned on his head. Ouch.

So yeah, that was my weekend.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Yay! Friday!
It's been a busy week at work. Winn has been gone all week and I've been in charge of processing the new business. It's made the week fly by.

I've been able to work out every night this week. Yay!
We went to a midnight showing of Fahrenheit 9/11. Yay!
Tony & I are going to Portland tonight to hang out with Dean, Amy & little Mathilda. Yay!

I have to get back to work now. Yay!

Monday, June 21, 2004

I ended up getting The Sick that Tony had, but not as bad. A whole week of not going to the gym makes me sad. I am feeling much better today, but not 100%. Due to The Sick, we stayed in on Thursday and Friday night. On Saturday, however, we had the good medicine that masked our symptoms sufficiently, so we went to the SuperMall in Auburn. It was the outlet mall. I was hoping to find shoes i like, but had no luck. Tony, however, got himself a new snowboard, boots and binding for a steal of a deal. On our way back into Seattle, we stopped by Cathy & Eric's house that they recently moved into.

Saturday night, we went to the club and it wasn't anything too exciting.

Sunday, we went to brunch with Chris & Jessica. That afternoon, the 4 of us went to the zoo and ended up running into a bunch of people we know. The zoo was fun, but we barely got to see much of it. Afterwards, we went to this place in the park where hundreds of bunnies live. They are so used to humans that they let you get really close. I took pictures and will upload later. After the zoo, we went to dinner at DragonFish and then went and saw "Saved". It could have been better and the ending sucked.

Today, I have no nausea, no stuffiness, and just a little sore throat. It's hot and sunny outside and I plan on making it to the gym after work. And that's my exciting life as of right now. Must get back to work.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Dear Journal,

Today, I am sleepy for no good reason. My Favorite Boy is sick and says he wants to die. I got up early this morning to take him sore throat medicine to find out he has more symptoms. This is the first time he has gotten The Sick like this since we have been dating.

Speaking of The Sick, I was nauseated for days last week. I was feeling Much Better yesterday morning, but then my tummy hurt so much I wanted to cry. It's all better now. I fear I might be lactose intolerant or at least intolerant to something. Time for me to start documenting what I eat and how I feel afterwards. I was feeling absolutely craptastic on Monday. Sunday night, I slept on my back and my muscles didn't like that too much. I woke up in SO MUCH PAIN that I knew I couldn't drive until I felt better. I called in late to work and ended up getting in around 11. My back is still a little hurty but doing much better. I have an appointment with Stine on Saturday.

Needless to say, I haven't worked out this week and I miss it. I am going to the gym today after work and then going to Tony's to take care of him.

In other fine news, we had fun with Betsy during her short stay in Seattle on her way up to Vancouver. We went to a place called Blue C Sushi - it was tons of fun! Sushi on a conveyor belt! Afterwards, we stopped by my house and then rushed her downtown to her shuttle. I got to meet her parents for the first time in the 8 years that I've known her!

Friday night, we went to a bbq with Ira at Sam & Amber's house. We met lots of new people and got to know some other people better. Saturday, Tony & I hung out for a little bit in the early afternoon at his house. We got to deal with the nutty LaRoche kids, an anti-Bush caravan and a gang of naked bicyclists. It was funny. That afternoon, I went home and was productive. We went to the Skinny Puppy show that night and then to the club. Sunday consisted of sleeping in and spending lots of time in bed due to nausea. Stupid nausea. Sunday night, went over to Tony's and watched movies with him and Natalie. We finally saw Kill Bill and Monster. Monster was fantastic even though it was depressing.

If Tony feels better quickly, we are going to Xentropic at the club tomorrow night and to the KMFDM show on Friday. Other plans for this weekend have yet to be made.

Well, Journal, it's time for me to get back to my boring job. If Tony is still feeling ill this weekend, I will have to spend some time looking for a better job.


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Things That Are

- I tried switching the kitties' food and now Screech has diarrhea again. *sigh* At least it's not as messy this time.
- I didn't get much sleep this weekend and I have no good reason other than it's rare that I sleep in nowadays.
- I was so freaking sleepy yesterday but I went to the gym anyways. I knew that it was risky for me to drive while so sleepy and was hoping that the working out thing would wake me up. I lasted 25 minutes on the elliptical before leaving. I really felt like I was going to fall asleep while exercising.
- My library book is several days late. I keep forgetting to return it.
- I cleared off a big pile of papers from my desk last night. This makes me very happy!
- Tony & I went and saw the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko last week. I must own this movie when it comes out on DVD.
- No, I have not looked for a job. I can't do it when I'm home due to lack of internet access and when I'm at Tony's place, we end up doing other things.
- Speaking of jobs, I suppose I should do mine now.

Oh yeah! Betsy will be in town briefly on Friday. Her family is going on an Alaskan cruise!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Weekend, shmeekend

Actually, I had a very fun-filled weekend.

Friday: my commute home from work was great! There was barely any traffic since so many people took off from work early to start their holiday. After doing the stuff at home that I needed to, I headed over to Tony's and we went to Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen for dinner. They have the yummy food! Afterwards, we headed to Chris' for movie night with Ira, Natalie, Jessica and...I think that was it. We watched "The Cooler" and "Cure"

Saturday: brunch at Cafe Flora with Tony, Chris and Jessica. Later that afternoon, I had book club where we discussed _Ella Minnow Pea_ Afterwards, I went home for a nap before heading to Broadway Grill for nachos and drinks with Tony, Natalie and Sunny. We then head over to Sunset Bowling for a fun-filled night of knocking pins over! Grandma would have been disappointed in my poor scores. I'm not a very good bowler, but I don't do it ver often at all. Oh yeah, I took a few pictures before my battery died. Many turned up for the bowling: me, Tony, Chris, Jessica, Garrett, Sunny, Jason, Natalie and Erik. We decided that it needs to be a regular thing. For some insane reason, we decided that going back to Chris' house to watch the movie we didn't get to watch the prior night was a good idea. By the time we started the movie, it was 3am. I slept through it.

Sunday: Tony & I lazied around until Natalie's bbq. We hung out there for awhile. That evening, a bunch of us went and saw The Day After Tomorrow. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be. We laughed lots.

Monday: me, Tony, Sunny, Garrett and Chris went to the IMAX theater for 3-D Bugs! That movie was so much cooler than the one we saw the night before. Afterwards, we went out to a late lunch of Vietnamese. I left Tony at home and did a bit of shopping at Ross & Target. I found no pants that I liked and it made me sad :( I went back to Tony's later that night and we watched Pieces of April.

It was a good weekend with little rest :) This weekend, the only thing we have planned so far is a party on Saturday night. One of these days, I will have time to do the whole job-hunt thing. Honestly.