Monday, March 29, 2004

Work has been busy. Social life has been busy. This means I do not post as often as I would like. I should post some pictures soon. The weekend before last, we went up to Crystal Mountain for snowboarding. Tony & Chris took me up way high and the wind was crazy. It was blowing me around like a rag doll. I did get some great pictures of Rainier. I should post those soon.

What I did last week:

Wednesday: went out to the club and shook the booty.
Thursday: went to a friend's house for a dinner party.
Friday: left for Long Beach for the weekend. We had so much fun. Natalie's parents have a cabin that we stayed in. On Saturday, we went to the store to pick up food and then we went to lunch. After lunch, we played frisbee. It was fun! That night, we made dinner and then went out on the beach to have a bonfire and play in the waves. I didn't play in the waves, but the boys did. They were being very silly.
We left Sunday morning since we all had places to be. Natalie and I had originally planned to go to the VegFest, but we got back into town too late. As previously planned, we went over to Julie's for a bbq for awhile.

News flash: I decided to do a test this weekend. I put out a bunch of food for Screech and Persephone instead of getting a kitty sitter. My fear was that Screech was going to eat himself to death. Believe it or not, when I got home, there was food still left. Screech also had a Very Big Belly. My cat got fat in a weekend. Crazy. The great thing is is now I know I can go away for the weekend and the kitties will be OK. I have also decided to start free-feeding them again because it makes us all happier. When I got home from work today, I was able to prepare and EAT my dinner without Screech bothering me once. It was so nice. He's actually acting like a normal kitty. Yeah, he may be fat for the rest of his life and die sooner than later, but at least it will be a happy life.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Jenn & Duncan - you should read this when you have some time. I found her blog about a month ago. If you have time, read more of her entries.
Scrubbing the bathtub is not easy to do after working out. Damn that was tiring.

Before I forget, here are my pictures from the trip this weekend. I also recommend checking out Chris' pictures.

When I came home from work last night, there was a message from cousin Tom. He brought the kids out to Stevens Pass for spring break. I'm going to try and meet up with them tomorrow evening for dinner.

I have collard greens and i'm not really sure what to do with them. I just don't want greens like you get in the south and i can't find a recipe for anything different online. harumph.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I was busy busy last week. I hung out with Teresa Tuesday night, hung out with Tony Wednesday night and laundry/packed Thursday night. We left for Mt. Baker right after work on Friday. It was a fu-un trip. The snow was crappy on Saturday due to the lack of cold and precipitation and many of us got sunburn on our faces. Saturday night, it snowed a couple of inches but it made a big difference when we went snowboarding on Sunday.

Stay tuned for pictures and videos from the trip.

My back is achy. Bleh. I need a massage, but Christine is very, very busy right now. Harumph.

This week, I will be busy reading _The Brothers K_ for bookclub. We have a tentative meeting this Sunday. I'll also be going to a birthday party on Saturday.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Girl's night eating crack nachos & drinking margaritas = Fun
Making spinach & mushroom omelet with a side of potatoes = Yum
Seeing Stine & Jose' act in a play with Sandi & Jim = Fun
Going out to the club and hanging out with a bunch of cool people = Fun
Having boyfriend make you breakfast = Yum
Going to the gym and doing lots of ab exercises = Ouch
Making apple-chard quiche for some peeps = Yum & Fun
Driving eastbound to work when it is very sunny which causes people to get into accidents and makes my morning commute almost an hour = Unfun
Eating the salad I brought from home for lunch = Yum

Friday, March 05, 2004

Does anybody still read this thing?

We went snowboarding this last Saturday and I had a fantastic day. I am getting so much better. Tony & Chris even took me out on a black run. It was steep and I had to snowplow down the very steep parts, but I still made it. The rest of last weekend was spent relaxing because that is what weekends are for in my book.

This weekend, there will be no snowboarding. My bank account is not allowing it since it is still recovering from the Whistler trip. But, I do have plans to go out with Natalie & Aime tonight for some quality girl time and am going to Stine's play tomorrow night with Sandi and maybe Jim.

In other news, I have defeated the temptation of the jelly doughnut and signed up for a gym membership at Bally's yesterday. I am very excited! The gym is very big and it was not packed which makes me happy. I am determined to comfortably fit into my pants again! Plus, I really enjoyed being in shape last year. I had so much more energy and strength which will really help with snowboarding.

I have found that my family is surprised that I snowboard and love it. This is perplexing to me. Do you really perceive me as being lazy and not liking physical activity?