Friday, August 29, 2003

I need coffee. I ran out before I left for L.A. and haven't had a chance to get to PCC since being back. I've been going up to Irwin's everyday, but I feel guilty spending $4 on coffee every morning. Yesterday I bought drip and it just wasn't as good. I am glad it's Friday and a 3 day weekend.

I just had a geek moment. I'm cleaning up the leads for the team today and see the name Michael Dorn. I picture Worf doing Power 90. Heh. Geek.

I had a pretty good time in L.A. I did realize that I haven't been in Seattle long enough to want to go on vacation if that makes any sense. And now I go on vacation again in a week. But then I won't leave for awhile.

I need to get to work. I might have time for more of an update this weekend, but somehow I doubt it. Sorry :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Snake's in L.A. right now. Got here yesterday afternoon. Lyssa picked me up from the airport and then we went to Del Taco. When we got back to her house, I tried to work but could not connect to PP's common drive. I could do no work. So, took most of the day off and relaxed.

I'm at work today and am now eating my favorite sammich from the deli. Mmm! Unfortunately, I'm getting sick. My throat really hurts. I can't be sick for several reasons. 1) I have to work. 2) We have to play all day at Universal on Saturday. and 3) I want to see Mathilda and will not risk getting a little baby sick. I need to hunt down some of those herbal pills we have that work so well. Anyway...

Since I can't work at Lyssa's, I'm going to try and head back to Seattle earlier. I just can't miss more work and I won't be able to get to the office on Monday. Ack.

OK, must get back to work.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

This makes me sick. Stupid. Stupid. STUPID. I can't rant about it because I will get too angry.

I'm having VPN issues again and it's nothing that is simple to figure out. I need to go run out and get a network card for my laptop so I can figure out if the issue is with my ISP or my desktop. It's just poopy because it makes work much more difficult.

I only have a few more days until I go to L.A. for my little trip. I've decided to rent a car for a couple of days so I can get to and from work easily. I need to train Patricia on how to do my job for when I'm on the cruise. Problem is, I don't even know how to pull reports from the new system. It's up this week, but since I can't get into the VPN, I can't do anything. I'm hoping that Joe will say it's OK if the reports are delayed a week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Sleepy is me. Watched the moon rise last night over the mountains. Saw Mars also. There was a meteor shower starting last night, but it was more like early this morning. Did get to see a few shooting stars. I love living in Seattle.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I've been dealing with spotty internet connection since yesterday. Even though my PC was not infected with this worm that's going around, I've had problems with connectivity. I think it's finally fixed, but it wasn't my doing. I don't know whos it was and I don't really care. I'm just glad I can work again.

I unpacked all of my boxes on Sunday! Now, there's just a bunch of crap everywhere! It takes awhile to organize it all, but I must get it done before I go to Alaska. Teresa and I did not get to go to the play because it was sold out. They extended the showing, so we are going to try a different night.

I need to get back to work.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Do you see this? Do you see? I say I'm going to post daily and now I'm totally slacking! I'm not really slacking - I just haven't been home. I talked to Jenn on Friday and was telling her about how I wasn't going to make any plans for Saturday so I could stay home to clean and unpack. Later that afternoon I made plans. Went out to lunch and hung out with a friend on Capitol Hill. Came back home and left immediately to Sandi's. We went over to her friend's house to have dinner and watch the filming of this unusual comedy routine called "Puppetry of the Penis." It was strange and that's all I'm saying here. So yeah, I didn't get anything done in my place yesterday.

After work on Friday, I picked up Christine and we went to the opening night of "Action Movie, The Play." It's the new show that Lyam and Jose' are in and it was just too funny. Sandi and I are prolly going to go again after the show has been running for a little while.

Tonight, Teresa and I are going to the play "Point Break Live!". This should also be a funny one. Since it doesn't start until 8, I have time to actually work on my apartment. I also was out on Wednesday and Thursday, but I don't feel like typing all of the sordid details. I pretty much just hung out with friends and had good times.

I awoke to the sound of rain yesterday and today. What a gorgeous sound. As I laid in bed this morning listening to the rain, it thundered twice. It doesn't thunder much in this area. I've been waiting awhile for this weather. It makes me a very happy Snake.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

On Monday night, I went bar hopping in my neighborhood in hopes on finding a cool hangout. No such luck. The places around here just aren't my thing. Oh well. I had fun nonetheless.

Yesterday was productive. After work, I went to the pet store and then to Trader Joe's. I now have lots of food. I did go to PCC on Sunday and stocked up on fresh produce. Healthy eating is good eating! Now I just need to start working out again. It seems that since my social life has picked up, I need to work out in the morning or during lunch. I just need to find my motivation to start up again. Did I leave it in L.A.?

Speaking of L.A., I'm going to be making a trip there shortly for a long weekend. Work is throwing a summer party so I decided to go. The great thing is is that I don't have to take any time off from work! I'll be working wonky hours on the days that I am flying, but my work can and will get done. I am excited to get to see several people. I know I won't be able to see everyone, but I think I'll get to see most. My friends Dean and Amy are about to have a baby so I really want to go see them.

Time to get back to work!

Monday, August 04, 2003

Saturday, I was not productive at all before going out. But, Jose' and I had a good time. Good discussions about stuff. Sunday, I went over to Stine's with Sandi and we had a girly day. We ate chocolate, swam in the pool, watched a movie and talked about boys. We also decided that it should be a regular occurrance. It's great to get quality girly time. It was late when I got home, so no productivity on getting stuff done. I did pay my bills and started to make a list of things I need to do, so that's a start.

This week is already filling up. I have plans tonight, Wednesday and Friday. I might still have plans on Saturday to go hiking, but we'll see. I need at least one night to not do stuff.

I'm eating an apple right from the core and it's great! It's the little things that make me appreciate not having braces any longer.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I'm sending you lots of love and hoping that your trip is going well in your new van. You will get your gift when I see you in September :-)

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Does this describe me?

Wow! I didn't realize it had been so long since I put an update in here. I've been busy. Well, not today. Today I have been lazy.

Wednesday, I went to Discovery Park after work. Very cool place - must go again. Thursday, I was sick. My body was all out of wack. I think I let my blood sugar level drop too low and I just couldn't recover quickly. Everything I ate made me nauseous. I was also shakey throughout the day. Took most of the day off from working and laid in bed.

Last night went to a joint called Park Pub down by the zoo in Phinney Ridge. I've adopted Teresa's work buddies. She'll invite me out with them about once a week. They are an interesting bunch and that's all I'm saying.

Today I slept in and it was great. I got up, ate breakfast, and then took a nap. Lazy! I then fixed some lunch and watched Donnie Darko. Pretty good movie! Now I'm thinking I might have to be a little productive before I go out with Jose' tonight. I have plans for all day tomorrow so I must get stuff done today. Yet, I sit here. Heh.