Friday, June 30, 2006

A week of success

I have successfully gone to the gym every day this week. Go me! Levona took today off so I almost didn't go because I have plenty of work to do. But, I did go and it was worht it! yay!

Tonight is the Sonic Youth show. I haven't listened to any of their current stuff in about 4 years, but they are one of the bands that I've been familiar with for so long that I figure I should see them live one time in my life.

Need to get back to working - going to try and take off early today.

I've already told her twice today, so a third time won't hurt. Happy Birthday, lovely Betsyroo!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Our neighbors are back and they are all safe. Yay!


I rescheduled my GMAT exam. I am going to need as much time as possible for the math section. It is h-a-r-d HARD! Hardy hard hard. I am not confident that I could adequately absorb what I needed to by July 8th in order to obtain a quality score on the test. So, I forked out $50 and postponed it until August 19th and now I feel much better.

Before this weekend, I had this idea that somehow my work & life experience would contribute to my absorbtion of The Math. Tony & I sat down this weekend to start going over The Math and he said, 'This is really hard!' and that did not help my confidence. The work & life experience did nothing for me. Sure, I do basic algebra and whatnot and I don't even think about it, but I'm not getting tested on the basics even though 'they' say that's all it is. The test questions are long and complicated and are not easy whatsoever.

This postponement..what does it mean? Well, if I don't get the score that I need, I will have to take the test again. And, I will try to get into the program in the Winter quarter instead of Fall quarter. Do I really want to wait a month to start school? Prolly not.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

4 years on Blogger

June 24th was the 4-year anniversary of starting a blog on Blogger. I meant to post something meaningful but I was too busy studying and I forgot. When I first started an online journal, I didn't know what to write. I never kept an offline journal so it was really awkward. Now everyone is doing the blog thing!

Tonight, we went to see Wordplay with Chris & Heather. Funny movie! I loved it. I've never been very good at crossword puzzles but this made me want to try to become good at them. I didn't go out and enjoy any of the Pride festivities today - I stayed in all day and studied. Tomorrow will be a repeat as will next weekend. My test is in two weeks! Ack!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sometimes, I must share The Gross

Because this blog is all about my daily life, I will share with you a bit of The Gross.

We live in a 2-story apartment with the bathroom residing upstairs. When someone is feeling a bit pukey, oftentimes the kitchen sink is the closest basin. I know. Grody. We have a garbage disposal if that makes it any better. Just a minute ago, I grabbed the soap to wash pans from dinner and felt 'stuff' on it. It took me a second to realize it was dried vomit. GROSS! I suppose it splattered a bit last night and Tony missed some things when cleaning up.

p.s. I always scrub down the sink with Bon Ami afterwards. I didn't think about checking for splatter last night!

Our neighbors disappeared. Their mail started piling up in front of their door so we started picking it up. I'm worried because they didn't ask anyone to watch for packages and stuff while they were gone...they just took off. I hope there wasn't some awful emergency. I'll feel much better when they come home.

Time to be more proactive

Last night was no fun - Tony was a very sick boy. I believe it was a migraine. He complained of a headache and then it got worse and then he started with the puking. Poor guy :( I was too distracted to get any studying done. He woke up feeling completely better this morning so all is good.

I have joined a gym again - one that is right down the street from work. I have two short-term goals: (1) tone up my arms so I like they way they look while wearing my wedding dress, and (2) strengthen my back muscles to help prevent the pain. The only time I have been pain-free was when I was exercising on a regular basis. My plan is to go during lunch AND I have a work-out buddy, Levona. No excuses! I'm trying to get Tony to join, too. He says he wants to lose weight before the wedding. He better get started now!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The little things are getting to me

There have been multiple things today and yesterday at work that have not been going smoothly. I've had to put too much energy into fixing these issues. I've noticed that the stress has gone to my upper back and it's no good at all. I need to figure out how to prevent that. I will be putting ice & heat on it tonight in hopes of relaxing the muscles.

Time to go home!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I love me some Vietnamese food

Tony's coming home tonight. His grandma is awake now and can have conversations. The doctors are unsure of recovery, so things are definitely still iffy. However, Tony is very happy that he got to spend time with his grandma while she's coherent.

Since it's my last night to myself, I treated myself to Vietnamese food. i love it! but my sweetie isn't in love with it as much as I am. It was so tasty and now my belly is very full.

I am going to attempt to get in an hour or so of studying before I head to the airport to pick up Mr. T. Chris got back from his 3-week Bolivia trip last night and wants to hang out tonight. I'll give myself social time tonight and then it's hard-core studying from here.

Perfect GMAT score - here I come!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh look! Here is me.

I studied for about 2 hours tonight and now I'm stopping even though I really shouldn't. Well, OK. I convinced myself. I will attempt to study further after I post this.

I left an empty laundry basket on the floor. It is Screech's new favorite thing to sit in. He's a silly kitty. I took the furry kids to the vet on Saturday for their annual check-up and both have gained a little weight. I buy them expensive, prescription diet food for them to gain weight? Huh? The vet explained the calorie difference between wet & dry food. We are going to increase the wet food and decrease the dry since the dry is much higher in calories. Wish I would have known that last year! Although a bit heavier, both kitties are perfectly healthy. She commented on how they are exceptionally healthy for their age. It's because they are very loved!

After we got home from the vet, we napped because we could. Tony got up before I did to take Amanda shopping for her suit for the wedding. I enjoyed my nap and then finally got up to study for a bit. Shortly after they got home from Shopping Extravaganza, Tony received a call from his mom with some bad news: his Grandma is dying. So sad. I put away my books and spent time with my Favorite for the rest of the day. I took him to the airport early on Sunday - he's in Utah right now with his family. The doctors don't know how much longer Grandma is going to be around. I'm glad she didn't pass before he got to Utah.

I have the house to myself and it's a little quiet. I've been spending most of my time studying with the occasional break to do laundry or go to the grocery store.

Ack.Ack.Ack. I am freaking analyzing my freaking sentence structure and wanting to go over every word to make sure it is all correct. See what this exam is doing to me?!

Friday, June 16, 2006

This post doesn't even deserve a title

I'm tired and I'm grumpy and I want to shut my office door and take a nap. I was planning on doing the studying tonight but I have no idea how I'm going to stay focused. Lameness. I've been drinking the coffee and it's not doing a bit of good.*cry* I wanna go home now!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I just ordered two more GMAT prep books - one specializing in the Math section. I was reading a bit online and found that some people take a YEAR to prepare for this test. WTF? What have I gotten myself into? Tony is going to help me with the Math and he is excited. He loves Math. How did I end up with a lover of Math? I suppose we balance each other out.

OK, I'm going to keep on truckin' and will do my best. Unfortunately, I have increased my caffeine intact in hopes of staying awake while studying. I don't know how I'm going to get through a year of grad school while preggers w/o caffeine. Lordy! Others have done it, so I can do it too.

Critters in the attic

One pain about the GMAT practice test: the disk only works on Windows machines. Yes, I know my laptop can now run Windows, but I have to go buy it. There was a point last night where I was dozing off while taking the test. No good! My PC is up in the office in my comfy office chair. Normally, I do my studying in the dining room. There's enough activity downstairs to keep me awake.

I admit, my practice test score SUCKED. I have my work cut out for me. Now I will go in the corner and cry. (not really crying. no need to worry, m'kay?)

There was something uninteresting I was going to post and now I have inconveniently forgotten. I should get back to work. I just remembered that I forgot to mail Father's Day cards out today. D'oh!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things that happen on Tuesdays

I wake up in the morning and wish I could sleep longer.
I drag myself out of bed and take a shower.
I get dressed for work and gather some food for lunch.
We drive to work and then start working.
My 1pm interviewee doesn't show up.
I post in my journal to give myself a little break from working.

I started to take a practice GMAT test the other night and I'm pretty freaked out right now. I am going to have to study my butt off for the next month and really hope I do well enough on the test. I have a problem, though. The task of relearning all the math is terribly daunting. Therefore, I find myself wanting to avoid the studying. It's no good.

I dyed my hair 'Light Golden Brown' the other day and no one has noticed. I'm trying to get a color that matches my roots, but it's pretty hard. I'm hoping to find a color that is really close to my natural color before the wedding.

OK, time to make more things happen on this Tuesday.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rambly ramble + procrastination

We had a lovely time with Dad & Carolyn in the evenings while they were visiting. After they left, I intended to be productive right away but that didn't happen. The next plan was to be productive today: go see SIFF movie about the Pixies - check; meet up with caterer to discuss things - check; come home and create 2 lists of things I need to do for school and for wedding - not checked. However, I did find an application on my computer that makes checklists. For reals! Now I just need to focus and start using it.

Safari is doing something really, really annoying. It just started last week and I don't want to troubleshoot it. I should have Tony do it.

We saw An Inconvenient Truth last night. It's a movie that everyone should see. We've also been watching Six Feet Under. We are almost done with the series. Sad :(

Well, I thought I was in the mood to post but realized that I'm not but I'm going to post this anyway even though I'm not satisfied with the flow.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Status check

Oh nos. I didn't finish my studying and my test is tonight. I did finish my other tests and all of my homework, but now I might not do so well on this test tonight.

Sometimes, the little voice in the back of my head reminds me that I'm not taking this class for credit and the grade really doesn't matter so it's OK to slack a little. And then the other little voice in my head talks back to the first voice reminding her that I have set my own standards and if I do not meet up to those standards, I am only failing myself.

This class has been good practice for grad school. After the orientation, I thought it would be so easy to ace the class. I admit, I made the assumption way too quickly and ended up being wrong. I will pass the class, but i do not know if I have 'aced' it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kitty poop does not smell pretty

Friday night, I neglected the studying and hung out with Tony instead. Yesterday, I studied for 10 hours and drank too much coffee. My jaw still hurts today from the caffeine buzz. I got a late start on studying today. We decided to go out to brunch and invited some friends. We then stopped by the Farmer's Market (Yay!) on the way back so I could scope out the produce - picked up a bag of spinach & stuff. I have one more chapter to read and take notes on and also need to finish up the homework problem for this last chapter. I am so close to done but have no desire to study any more today. It's 8 o'clock and my butt is plenty numb. I must persevere and get over myself!

Friday, June 02, 2006


My Florida peeps - it's storming here right now with a bit of thunder. After the first clap, everyone got excited. For reals. I haven't seen any lightening, though. No work would get done if we had lightening, too!

Miss Natalie brought a boy she's been dating to the get-together last night. He went to FSU at the same time I did and we apparently hung out at the same places. It's a small world sometimes.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dear Blog

I have missed posting meaty updates to you. Work has been very demanding this week and I have been spending my evenings studying. I am very close to finishing the Finance class. After my final test next Tuesday, I will relax until Dad & Carolyn head back to Houston. Soon thereafter, I will make a list of everything I need to get done before The Big Day and Grad School. There is a lot, so a list is a must.

I am not going to study tonight, however. Socializing with friends is necessary - our beloved Chris is leaving for his 3-week trip to Bolivia tomorrow morning. We must wish him a happy farewell and he insist on having a good drink before he leaves. I think I might join him in the tasty beverage.

I miss all of the loverlies in Florida. Both Tony & I want you all to move to Seattle. Tomorrow. Pretty please? OK, fine. I know begging isn't going to make it happen. You all are awesome.