Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh look! Here is me.

I studied for about 2 hours tonight and now I'm stopping even though I really shouldn't. Well, OK. I convinced myself. I will attempt to study further after I post this.

I left an empty laundry basket on the floor. It is Screech's new favorite thing to sit in. He's a silly kitty. I took the furry kids to the vet on Saturday for their annual check-up and both have gained a little weight. I buy them expensive, prescription diet food for them to gain weight? Huh? The vet explained the calorie difference between wet & dry food. We are going to increase the wet food and decrease the dry since the dry is much higher in calories. Wish I would have known that last year! Although a bit heavier, both kitties are perfectly healthy. She commented on how they are exceptionally healthy for their age. It's because they are very loved!

After we got home from the vet, we napped because we could. Tony got up before I did to take Amanda shopping for her suit for the wedding. I enjoyed my nap and then finally got up to study for a bit. Shortly after they got home from Shopping Extravaganza, Tony received a call from his mom with some bad news: his Grandma is dying. So sad. I put away my books and spent time with my Favorite for the rest of the day. I took him to the airport early on Sunday - he's in Utah right now with his family. The doctors don't know how much longer Grandma is going to be around. I'm glad she didn't pass before he got to Utah.

I have the house to myself and it's a little quiet. I've been spending most of my time studying with the occasional break to do laundry or go to the grocery store.

Ack.Ack.Ack. I am freaking analyzing my freaking sentence structure and wanting to go over every word to make sure it is all correct. See what this exam is doing to me?!

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