Saturday, October 09, 2010


Poor Ian. He's barely 11 weeks old and already has his second cold. He's exposed to so many more germs and viruses since we are out and around germy preschoolers all the time. I ask Malcolm to wash his hands before touching Ian, but that rarely happens because he's always wanting to hold Ian's hand.

Preschool has been going well. Mal goes 3 mornings a week and then we have a weekly playdate another morning. Friday morning is our only 'free' morning. Afternoons are spent at home since Malcolm must take a nap these days. He is a terror without enough sleep since starting school.

This past Wednesday, Malcolm slept late and therefore couldn't do his regular morning routine before leaving school. He was all out of sorts and did not want me to leave him there. It was the first time he's ever cried and it was so hard for me! I, of course, cried too. The crying didn't last long and he was back to his normal, happy self shortly after I left. Still - heart wrenching!