Wednesday, April 06, 2005


This last weekend, I did a bit of birthday shopping on Saturday with Miss Natalie. She was shopping for her cruise to the Amazon with her mom. Dood, we shopped for 6 hours and only hit Ross and Target!

On Sunday, Chris, Tony and I went to Crystal. The snow was pretty nice. We are going again this Saturday for my birthday. Wheee! And then we are having a few friends over Saturday night for a small celebration of ME! Being Born! Yay!

Since the jet stream is finally cooperating, the snow hasn't stopped. Whistler has gotten tons of snow lately. We cannot resist the powder and will be making a trip up there next weekend. Yay! The lodging is pretty cheap, too.

The weekend after that, we hope to go back up to Mt. Baker. Gotta get in the snowboarding while we can!

Now that Trish is gone, I get to take care of the office manager duties. With that being said, I really shouldn't be taking the time to write this, but I must. :)

Oh! Congratulations to Rachel and Kevin! they are now the proud parents of little Aiden.

Also, thanks to the Davidson family for the REI gift certificate. It was put towards new snowboarding boots that are desperately needed :)

OK, back to work!