Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Day-After-Xmas!

We are enjoying a relaxing day off before we head back to work after our vacation. I've done some stuff around the house like unpack and take down the christmas decorations and thought I should balance my checkbook. Thoughts of doing a bit of shopping today have crossed my mind but I fear the day-after-xmas crowds.

Our holiday in Houston was lovely. It was good to spend quality time with the family. Cameron is a doll. I'll post pictures to my Flickr account in the very near future.

I was able to send off gifts to Kiker and Betsy the Tuesday before we left and I even sent them UPS/overnight delivery but they still didn't get their packages in time for X-mas. I tried! I know Paul's gift has been shipped, but he has yet to receive it. I am hoping Mom's gift is waiting for me at work so I can ship it off tomorrow.

OK, i think i'll brave the crowds at Target to pick up a few household needs.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Seating with poor back support is The Suck!

This week has been pretty mellow. The only night we went out and did something was Tuesday - we went over to Cathy & Eric's house to hang out for a bit and enjoy tasty wine & cheese.

My acupuncturist cancelled my appointment yesterday due to a knee injury, so I just had my adjustment. My back was feeling great and all until I sat at my desk at home to pay bills. Suddenly, my poor left lower back muscles started spasming and they haven't stopped yet :( I just took some Aleve, so let's hope that helps.

Tomorrow is our holiday company lunch. I picked a place that I hope everyone will enjoy. We'll get to close shop early which will be a surprise to everyone. Then, Tony & I are going to scoot home, pack up the car, pick up Elan and head to Whistler where we'll be meeting Chris, Natalie & Julie for snowboarding fun!

My back better feel better soon or I'm gonna be really mad.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Laziness = Bliss

We stayed home this weekend to be lazy. It will likely be the last weekend we do this for quite some time. I had this crazy idea that I would go into work on Sunday to catch up on stuff but I totally forgot. Instead, I stayed home and did some laundry and stuff. Saturday, I spent a few hours doing the holiday shopping thing.

Friday, I went to the eye guy to get my eyes checked out and find myself a pair of fancy, new glasses since Milo decided my former pair made a good chew toy. Of course, I fall for the expensive titanium frames. I am such a sucker. They are doing a rush job for me so I should have them by the end of this week. Not only are they titanium, but they are eggplant color and very fun. I went back to the oval shaped frames. Yes, I will post a picture.

Tomorrow night, we are hanging out with Cathy & Eric. Wednesday, I have a chiro and acupuncture appointment after work. Thursday will be spent having fun packing for our weekend trip to Whistler with Chris, Natalie, Elan and Julie. Then, before you know it, we'll be in Houston and it will be x-mas time!

I still have some shopping to do and it might have to wait until we are actually in Houston. Mom, you may be getting your gift a little late. Sorry! I tried but I just couldn't find what I was looking for (yet).

Tony ordered the fancy cable broadband and it was installed this weekend. We now have a fast enough connection for his server to function properly. Would you all be mad if I changed the location of this blog again? I'm thinking of creating my very own webspace where I can keep my gallery & blog in the same location.
Ugh! Drama! Gives me anxiety! Yes, it's stuff that's not appropriate for a public blog or anything on the Internet. Kik, you aren't alone right now with the work stuff :(

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How the days fly by!

First news: my assistant quit today via email. Lame! It was her first office job and she didn't have the guts or experience to talk to me about it in person. Oh vell. Now I must hunt for another.

We went to Crystal this Saturday and it was so much fun! The visibility was pretty crappy on the side of the mountain I was on so I didn't take any pictures to speak of. However, Tony got some pictures when he and Chris hiked in the backcountry. Sunny's boyfriend, Chrisbee (we call him that to lessen the confusion), went snowboarding for the first time and loved it. Yay! Another convert!

OK, time to focus on work.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Frosty the Snowman

Now I have the song, "Frosty the Snowman" stuck in my head thanks to Kik. I shake my fist at Christmas jingles!

So...I never really wrote about our trip to Florida. The majority of the readers of this blog were there, so it hasn't seemed very urgent. I have yet to upload the pictures from my camera, even! The shame. Tony did, though. Here are the pictures. Enjoy! You can see what we did while in Naples. I took the pictures while we were in Tampa. We had a fabulous time and are very thankful to those that let us stay in their homes. We are also very thankful that Betsy & Lindsay came up for the weekend. After we left, Tony said to me, "I don't know how you can bear seeing them so little." I told him that we've just gotten used to it. It's still hard, though.

Our Thanksgiving was a vegetarian feast! Natalie, Amanda, Sol & Jeremy came over to eat and then Chris showed up later. I love cooking thanksgiving food. I now know how to make a tasty vegan gravy. Mmmmm!

Last Friday, we headed up to Mt. Baker for fun times. We ended up only snowboarding on Saturday. Tony felt sick again :( He's going to the doctor today to see what is up. He gets this awful cough whenever he exerts himself and also experiences nausea. It's no good. Chris took some pictures when they were hiking in the back country. Check them out here.

We haven't been doing much of a whole lot this week other than work & stuff. Jenn! I've been meaning to call you back but we've been going out to dinner pretty much every night and then I forget to call you. I will call you this weekend!

Alright - I have work to do now. We are going to Chrystal tomorrow and it's going to be rad.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


It's snowing right now! yay! I wish I were stuck at home instead of at work. it's not sticking - let's hope it stays that way. Traffic will be hell if it does decide to stick.