Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Day-After-Xmas!

We are enjoying a relaxing day off before we head back to work after our vacation. I've done some stuff around the house like unpack and take down the christmas decorations and thought I should balance my checkbook. Thoughts of doing a bit of shopping today have crossed my mind but I fear the day-after-xmas crowds.

Our holiday in Houston was lovely. It was good to spend quality time with the family. Cameron is a doll. I'll post pictures to my Flickr account in the very near future.

I was able to send off gifts to Kiker and Betsy the Tuesday before we left and I even sent them UPS/overnight delivery but they still didn't get their packages in time for X-mas. I tried! I know Paul's gift has been shipped, but he has yet to receive it. I am hoping Mom's gift is waiting for me at work so I can ship it off tomorrow.

OK, i think i'll brave the crowds at Target to pick up a few household needs.

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betsy said...

post holiday gifts are always a lovely treat! and it sounds like kik's arrived in time! so glad your holiday was nice. hope your new year is too! (holy exclamation points) love you and miss you tons!