Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Grind

Office move: was meant to be this Friday but has been pushed back until next Friday due to things beyond my control. Yes, I am irked by these things. Today, Tony & I got up early to get to the new office by 8 for the delivery of our new furniture. They didn't show up until 9:15. The new stuff looks great and it makes me very happy. My Very Own Office has a view of downtown Bellevue & the top of Mt. Rainier. Big Windows! Privacy! Yay!

Work Busy. Must go. sooo much to do and not enough time!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back from the woods

We awoke to rain Friday morning as did Eric & Cathy. We were still at home while they were in the woods trying to keep the important stuff dry. Fortunately, the rain only stuck around for Friday morning. Unfortunately, it brought about mosquitoes.

We left work early on Friday and took off from the house around 4:30. It took us 3 hours to get out to the campsite due to bad traffic. Friday night, we had a feast of marinated salmon and corn on the cob while swatting at the bugs that make you itch. After dinner, we took a walk down to Baker Lake and enjoyed the clear skies and mountains while sitting on the floating dock.

Saturday, I awoke before everyone else so i took a little walk down to the creek and then to the lake to take some pictures. By the time I got back, Cathy was up so we cleaned up from the night before and waiting until Eric & Tony got up before making breakfast burritos. After eating, we ventured off in the car to locate Rainbow Falls. According to the book, it was supposed to be some fantastic falls. We drove up to the site and couldn't find the waterfall or a trailhead. Granted, the view was fabulous, but the lack of falls was disappointing. After venturing around a bit, we found a trailhead and started hiking up. The trail went up and up and up and it felt like it would never end. Keep in mind that we were hiking in moist dirt & mud...let's just say we broke in our new hiking boots. After it got really steep and we didn't encounter the waterfall, we turned around. After reading the book again, we realized that the waterfall was so far away that we could only enjoy it using binoculars. We drove back to the campsite and I think we walked to Baker Lake again to check out other hikes. After getting back, we had halibut, baked potatoes and roasted vegetables for dinner. Before and after dinner, we enjoyed playing Yatzee! and Uno! After the games, we went back to Baker Lake to watch the Moon rise over the mountains. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Sunday, we all slept in. It really is nice waking to the noise of a rushing creek. After getting out of tent, we made some breakfast, packed up camp and headed back to Baker Lake to rent a boat. The plan didn't work out and we have now noted that we should plan/reserver a boat the day before we want to go out on the lake. After we found that we couldn't rent a boat, we decided to hang out by the lake until we decided what we would do. While sitting under the trees, we all notice that there is a hornet's nest above us. A second after, Eric gets stung on the face. Ack! Fortunately, we found out that he is not allergic to hornets. That was a sign for us to leave Baker Lake. We drove up to hike to Blue Lake where we were attacked by black flies. This weekend was filled with bugs! It reminded me of Florida. After the hike, we headed back to Seattle.

Tony put up most of the pictures here. I took pictures of the creek, but those were left out. It's likely we'll camp here again next year.

This weekend was lots of fun. We are now organizing our next camping trip for labor day weekend.

I love living in the PNW.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Too much to do


Work has been busy as usual. We've been busy after work mostly every night. This weekend, we are going camping by Lake Baker and will be hiking to see waterfalls. I haven't been camping in forever! We finally bought hiking boots and I hope just having them around will inspire us to do day hikes on the weekend. We are leaving right after work tomorrow; Cathy & Eric went out to the campsite this evening. It's been too long since we've been out of the city!

In other news, Cameron is officially a Toddler and will be turning one next week!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The other thing

I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for my physical. I heard back on Monday that my test results came back wonky for my thyroid and she upped my dosage. I was glad to know that my tiredness wasn't in my head. Previously, when I felt like crap, I wanted to say that something might be off with my dosage, but then worried that it really was just my imagination and I just needed to sleep/eat better/exercise. I have noticed a difference this week. I'm also documenting how I feel after I eat. Apparently, it's not good to eat soy if you have thyroid disease. I've been trying to cut back but it is so freaking hard since soy is in so much of my diet. The other day, I had some roasted soy beans for a snack and then couldn't stop yawning for an hour afterwards. I know a couple of people that experience the same symptom when they eat anything with soybeans in it.

It makes me sad. I love my soy products :(

We hired a new CTO (chief technical officer) at work and no one is quite sure how they feel about him. The guy is full of knowledge, but he's a little high strung and brings this frantic energy with him to work. How long should you give someone before you can tell if he is a good fit in the company? Work has been super busy this week, but that's nothing new.

I sure do hope Jenn & Cameron are having fun with Mom in hot, hot Naples!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Thank you!

Betsyroo! Thank you for the gifty :D I happened to be wearing my T-shirt with a graphic by the same artist the day it came in the mail. How funny is that?

My back has been in bad shape this week. uck. I believe I've been sleeping in poor positions lately and my back muscles have been spasming. I need to concentrate on strengthening it.

Last night, we went over to Cathy & Eric's house to plan our camping trip. I'm excited! So many of the prime spots were already reserved, but we did finally find one by a creek.

Tomorrow night is our second night of our Intro to Wine class. It's fun and we are learning a lot, but it sure is hard tasting so many wines in a short period of time.

If my back is feeling better, i hope to get Tony out of the house to go kayaking on Saturday. Sunday, i'm going thrift shopping with Sandi & Stine in hopes to find some summer clothes.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Where have I been? I don't know!

Let us see...



Here's some pictures from the party at Chris' house.

July 4th weekend...Friday, we went to Bleu Bistro for dinner and then hung out with Chris & Natalie. Saturday, I was laid up with a headache all day. That night, we stayed home and watched movies. Sunday, we went to Sunny's for lakeside hanging out fun. Monday, we did a bit of shopping at REI before going to Solomon's for hanging out fun and fireworks.

Later this month, we are going camping with Eric & Cathy. Lots of camping stuff to buy!

We've been busy going out and doin' stuff. Right now, I be hungry for dinner, but Tony is taking a nap. i think i must eat without him!