Thursday, July 14, 2005

The other thing

I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for my physical. I heard back on Monday that my test results came back wonky for my thyroid and she upped my dosage. I was glad to know that my tiredness wasn't in my head. Previously, when I felt like crap, I wanted to say that something might be off with my dosage, but then worried that it really was just my imagination and I just needed to sleep/eat better/exercise. I have noticed a difference this week. I'm also documenting how I feel after I eat. Apparently, it's not good to eat soy if you have thyroid disease. I've been trying to cut back but it is so freaking hard since soy is in so much of my diet. The other day, I had some roasted soy beans for a snack and then couldn't stop yawning for an hour afterwards. I know a couple of people that experience the same symptom when they eat anything with soybeans in it.

It makes me sad. I love my soy products :(

We hired a new CTO (chief technical officer) at work and no one is quite sure how they feel about him. The guy is full of knowledge, but he's a little high strung and brings this frantic energy with him to work. How long should you give someone before you can tell if he is a good fit in the company? Work has been super busy this week, but that's nothing new.

I sure do hope Jenn & Cameron are having fun with Mom in hot, hot Naples!

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betsy said...

well i'm glad you're feeling better ... i say if you don't like someone right off, chances are you'll always be a little iffy ... but i also say give the guy at least six months to figure out if he's right for the place. it takes some people awhile to settle in.