Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Thank you!

Betsyroo! Thank you for the gifty :D I happened to be wearing my T-shirt with a graphic by the same artist the day it came in the mail. How funny is that?

My back has been in bad shape this week. uck. I believe I've been sleeping in poor positions lately and my back muscles have been spasming. I need to concentrate on strengthening it.

Last night, we went over to Cathy & Eric's house to plan our camping trip. I'm excited! So many of the prime spots were already reserved, but we did finally find one by a creek.

Tomorrow night is our second night of our Intro to Wine class. It's fun and we are learning a lot, but it sure is hard tasting so many wines in a short period of time.

If my back is feeling better, i hope to get Tony out of the house to go kayaking on Saturday. Sunday, i'm going thrift shopping with Sandi & Stine in hopes to find some summer clothes.


betsy said...

yeah! that's a great little coincidence, you wearing the t-shirt and all :) hope your back feels better ... wish i could go kayaking with you!

Kiker said...

I want to go kayaking too! Actually, I think Amy & I are going to go... if the hurricanes will stay away!

Sorry about your back, sweetheart. Amy has back problems & I know how painful that can be.

Love you!