Monday, July 28, 2008

Forgot to Note

One month ago (June 28th) was my 5-year blogiversary. I started this blog the day before I left Los Angeles. It's so hard for me to believe that I moved away 5 years ago.

Tomorrow is Cameron's birthday. He's going to be 4!

Malcolm's birthday is in a week. Next week is also the 5-year anniversary of when Tony & I met. Next week is also my dad's birthday.

I also moved to Seattle for the first time 10 years ago sometime in August I think. i don't remember the exact date.

Sorry for the lack of substance in the blog. I come up with beefy blog posts in my head, but they never seem to make it out. I need to figure out how to resolve this issue.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everyone's Vacationing

I just put Malcolm down for a nap. When I came downstairs, I thought to myself, "I should call my mom/dad/sister" and then I remembered that they are all on vacation. Jenn & Mom are on a cruise together and Dad & Carolyn are in Pennsylvania at the annual family reunion. It made me a little sad.

Speaking of sleep, I started working on teaching Malcolm to fall asleep on his own a couple of weeks ago. When he learned how to crawl, our evening routine changed a bit. He started to cry when I would put him to sleep. I thought that maybe it was a phase, but 2 months later it was still happening. I figure if he's already crying while in my arms, I might as well see if he can fall asleep in his crib. The first night, there was lots of crying, but he fell asleep in his crib and only woke up once during the night. I thought that after 2 weeks, we'd be in a routine and he'd be accustomed to me putting him down in his crib to go to sleep. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Every night is different. Some nights, I put him down in his crib and he plays for 30 minutes and falls asleep. Other nights, I put him down and he fusses for an hour and a half. I stay with him in his room until he falls asleep, so the 1.5 hour nights pretty much use up my evening hours. Anyhoo, since we started doing this, he sleeps through the night. Sometimes he'll wake up after 8.5 hours of sleep but I can usually get him back to sleep for a couple more hours. Most nights he wakes up after 10.5/11 hours of sleep. I would have no complaints if this was the only change, but it's not. His naps are really wonky now and rarely does he take 2 naps a day. I never know what to expect. This would be no big deal except that it makes planning things difficult (like a little party for him for his birthday).

Malcolm turns 1 in 3 weeks. Craziness!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Walking Bug

We knew this day was coming, but it doesn't make it any less exciting when it happens!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Oh yeah!

And that news that I was referring to in a post at the end of May? My wonderful sister is now engaged to be married to Piet! He makes her very happy and treats her really well. I am very excited for both of them.

11-month letter

My darling Malcolm,

I sometimes think your Daddy and I procreated so we could have an excuse to laugh and play all the time. You love to laugh and play and explore and it's reminded us how much joy those things can bring into our lives. Sometimes grown-ups forget to laugh every day. It's really hard not to laugh with you around!

We had a very busy month of visiting with family and friends. You and I flew all the way across the country to Florida to visit your JoJo and PopPop. You also got to meet a lot of other family and friends. We first spent the weekend hanging out with friends in Tampa where you got to swim in a pool for the first time. You loved it! Here is your auntie Betsy eating your face:

We then drove down to Naples where we spent a week with JoJo and PopPop:

You went to the beach for the very first time, too:

On the day that we left, your Aunt Rachel brought over your cousins Aiden and Ally so you guys could play together:

The day before we flew home, we hung out with family in St. Pete:

Although our trip was a lot of fun, it was waay too long to be away from your Daddy. We both missed him a lot.

Shortly after our return, your Granpa and Nana arrived for a visit. We spent the days hanging out and taking care of house stuff. Before we knew it, it was time for them to head back home. They got you a cute outfit from their trip to Switzerland:

I missed writing you a letter last month because I got so busy getting ready for our trip. Now we're back home and we're getting settled into our routine again. You've sprouted a total of 4 teeth and enjoy grinding them. It makes my skin crawl to hear that noise. With a bit of prompting and guidance, you can now take a couple of steps on your own. I don't count it as walking yet, but I know that day will be coming soon. Your most recent word is 'row' which is something you say when we read the book, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" or you say it when you want us to read the book to you. You actually say, 'row, row, row' and it's just the cutest thing. It also kinda sounds like you've started saying, 'mama', but that just might be wishful thinking.