Friday, February 25, 2005

California is getting all of our rain

It isn't fair. Chris and I went snowboarding on Saturday at Crystal. The mountain was pretty void of people and snow. This has been a sad, sad winter.

Work has been uber stressful for Tony due to Alysa. She's just not easy to work with. I had my run-ins with her when she first started so now I only talk to her when I absolutely have to.

Due to the stress, we haven't been in the mood to do much except stay at home and watch movies. We did go out last night with the peeps for dinner and drinks. Tonight, we are going to Chris' for movie night. After we launch our new product, we're hoping that much of the stress will be alleviated. We haven't gone to the gym in forever. I miss working out. We originally stopped due to the NY resolution crowd. We hope it has died down by now.

OK, I should get back to work. Oh guess what? I changed my hair color! Tony picked this one out - electric blue. It's very different than the blue i did in 1998. Yes, I'll take some pictures soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

New Year's Eve Fun!

OK, so it's a little late, but here you go!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Mt. Baker fun

After work on Friday, Tony & I picked Julie up and went over to Natalie's house to meet with her and Chris so we could caravan up to Mt. Baker. We made it to our cabin around 10/10:30. Shortly thereafter, some friends of Natalie's came over to hang out for awhile (Elan, Bryan, Eugene, Raven). Somehow, all of us fit into the hot tub at the same time. Needless to say, about half of the water spilled out. Due to complications, that was the last time the hot tub got used this weekend :)

Saturday morning, we arose early and headed to the mountain for snowboarding fun. We met up with friends staying in another cabin (Jill, William, Scott, Gray). We dispersed around the mountain in the morning, met for lunch where we ran into Elan and then snowboarded for the rest of the day. It snowed all day! That night, Adrianne, Josh, Jason, Kristen and Wyatt showed up. A few more people showed up to Elan's cabin, too, and they all came over for potluck and board game fun.

Julie & I headed out to the mountain before the rest of our cabin on Sunday morning. It's hard to get so many people up and motivated at 8am! It didn't really matter since Tony, Chris, Adrianne & Josh were snowshoeing/boarding and not taking the lifts that day. With all of the snowfall on Saturday, we got some excellent fresh powder runs in the morning since we were on a lift that wasn't open on Saturday and wasn't groomed. It was so rad. We boarded so hard that day and now are exhausted. Hiking all day wore Tony out, too. We met up with about half of our total group and ate some yummy italian food before heading back to Seattle.

To sum it up, it was a successful snowboarding trip. It's been snowing in the mountains around here and it looks like Stevens Pass will be open this weekend. It actually snowed here this morning but it didn't stick. Keep sending your good snow thoughts because it seems to be working now!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Thank you for the good snow thoughts!

Utah was a-okay. I got to meet all of Tony's immediate family. They are all pretty nice and laid back. We took his 10-year-old nephew snowboarding for the first time on Friday. He picked it up so quickly and was doing extremely well by the end of the day. He's converted now - let's just hope his parents support him in his new sport. Tony has dreams of him being in the Olympics one day :)

Utah is weird, though. The mormons are all about the big family and they look down on people that aren't mormon nor have large families. A family with 4 kids is considered small. It's quite obvious why Tony had to leave because he just couldn't fit in.

Work is still busy but not as busy which is why I have time to write this now :) I spent most of my night last night organizing pictures. There is still a lot for me to do but I will get them up as soon as I can.

Mother Nature decided to be nice to us and is dumping a fair amount of snow on Mt. Baker. It's not record snowfall, but it will make for some nice snowboarding. They got 32" last weekend and are expecting about 16" more this weekend. Everyone is very excited!

So I checked out plane tickets for Memorial Day weekend and it looks like I'll be able to afford to go down to San Diego w/o taking any time off from work. Although my boss is okay with us taking time off, other people in the office have been making a big deal about it. They are so weird!

It would be nifty if Mom planned to visit San Diego at the same time *hint*hint*

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

More snow, please!

Whistler fun! Pictures coming sometime in the future.

We are leaving tomorrow night after work for a long weekend in Utah to visit Tony's family. We'll also be going to Park City for a day of snowboarding. Wheee!

OK, back to work. I hope to get on the computer more when I get back from this trip. Next weekend, we are going to Mt.Baker for a weekend stay in a cabin with many friends. Please send lots of snowfall thoughts our way!