Friday, February 25, 2005

California is getting all of our rain

It isn't fair. Chris and I went snowboarding on Saturday at Crystal. The mountain was pretty void of people and snow. This has been a sad, sad winter.

Work has been uber stressful for Tony due to Alysa. She's just not easy to work with. I had my run-ins with her when she first started so now I only talk to her when I absolutely have to.

Due to the stress, we haven't been in the mood to do much except stay at home and watch movies. We did go out last night with the peeps for dinner and drinks. Tonight, we are going to Chris' for movie night. After we launch our new product, we're hoping that much of the stress will be alleviated. We haven't gone to the gym in forever. I miss working out. We originally stopped due to the NY resolution crowd. We hope it has died down by now.

OK, I should get back to work. Oh guess what? I changed my hair color! Tony picked this one out - electric blue. It's very different than the blue i did in 1998. Yes, I'll take some pictures soon.

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