Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Thank you for the good snow thoughts!

Utah was a-okay. I got to meet all of Tony's immediate family. They are all pretty nice and laid back. We took his 10-year-old nephew snowboarding for the first time on Friday. He picked it up so quickly and was doing extremely well by the end of the day. He's converted now - let's just hope his parents support him in his new sport. Tony has dreams of him being in the Olympics one day :)

Utah is weird, though. The mormons are all about the big family and they look down on people that aren't mormon nor have large families. A family with 4 kids is considered small. It's quite obvious why Tony had to leave because he just couldn't fit in.

Work is still busy but not as busy which is why I have time to write this now :) I spent most of my night last night organizing pictures. There is still a lot for me to do but I will get them up as soon as I can.

Mother Nature decided to be nice to us and is dumping a fair amount of snow on Mt. Baker. It's not record snowfall, but it will make for some nice snowboarding. They got 32" last weekend and are expecting about 16" more this weekend. Everyone is very excited!

So I checked out plane tickets for Memorial Day weekend and it looks like I'll be able to afford to go down to San Diego w/o taking any time off from work. Although my boss is okay with us taking time off, other people in the office have been making a big deal about it. They are so weird!

It would be nifty if Mom planned to visit San Diego at the same time *hint*hint*

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