Monday, February 14, 2005

Mt. Baker fun

After work on Friday, Tony & I picked Julie up and went over to Natalie's house to meet with her and Chris so we could caravan up to Mt. Baker. We made it to our cabin around 10/10:30. Shortly thereafter, some friends of Natalie's came over to hang out for awhile (Elan, Bryan, Eugene, Raven). Somehow, all of us fit into the hot tub at the same time. Needless to say, about half of the water spilled out. Due to complications, that was the last time the hot tub got used this weekend :)

Saturday morning, we arose early and headed to the mountain for snowboarding fun. We met up with friends staying in another cabin (Jill, William, Scott, Gray). We dispersed around the mountain in the morning, met for lunch where we ran into Elan and then snowboarded for the rest of the day. It snowed all day! That night, Adrianne, Josh, Jason, Kristen and Wyatt showed up. A few more people showed up to Elan's cabin, too, and they all came over for potluck and board game fun.

Julie & I headed out to the mountain before the rest of our cabin on Sunday morning. It's hard to get so many people up and motivated at 8am! It didn't really matter since Tony, Chris, Adrianne & Josh were snowshoeing/boarding and not taking the lifts that day. With all of the snowfall on Saturday, we got some excellent fresh powder runs in the morning since we were on a lift that wasn't open on Saturday and wasn't groomed. It was so rad. We boarded so hard that day and now are exhausted. Hiking all day wore Tony out, too. We met up with about half of our total group and ate some yummy italian food before heading back to Seattle.

To sum it up, it was a successful snowboarding trip. It's been snowing in the mountains around here and it looks like Stevens Pass will be open this weekend. It actually snowed here this morning but it didn't stick. Keep sending your good snow thoughts because it seems to be working now!

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