Thursday, May 27, 2004

Atkin's story of the day. Do you know what ooks me out the most? The dude was trying to lose 8 freaking pounds! He weighs 140lbs and has serious heart problems!! Warning! Warning! Don't eat the really unhealthy meat full of the saturated fat as your main food! You might kill yourself. Seriously.


Dear Laundry,
Please wash yourself. I've run out of quarters and do not feel like devoting more time to dealing with you. Therefore, I would like you to change to the self-cleaning variety. OKthxbye.

If I were to win the lottery, I would give you money. I would buy myself a shiny, new hybrid Honda and Tony a shiny, new Audi wagon for the snow sports. I would pay off all of my debt, invest lots of money and buy a house. I'd throw a big party and invite everyone. These are the things I think about on my drive to work. But I will never win the lottery. I don't play.

I'm going to start sending my resume to jobs at UW. I could ride my bike or walk to work every day. I could start taking classes again. That would be so cool.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I made dinner last night and used ONIONS. I cooked the hell out of them and I ate them. I never would have thought I would concede to cooking with onions, but here I am. What's going on? I hit 30 and I start eating fish again and I start eating onions. However, I don't think I will ever like them raw. They gotta be super cooked.

It has been rainy here so far this week and this weather is to continue for the rest of the week. Although it rains, it is still spring warm. I enjoy this weather, but it drives the spiders into my home since I keep the windows open. So far, the kitties have been good about controlling the population.

Persephone now sleeps on my back. It is very weird to wake up with extra weight on me. I don't know why she finds this to be comfortable.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Whistler Trip 5-20 to 5-23-04

After leaving work on Thursday, I met everyone at my house. We piled into two cars and started the drive up to B.C. We stopped in Bellingham at Red Robin for a late dinner. The drive up was easy compared to last time since we didn't have to battle with snow.

Since there was no fresh powder calling out to us on Friday morning, we slept in and took our time getting on the slopes. On our way up to the part of the mountain that still had snow, we saw a momma bear and a baby bear :D

The 6 of us stuck together (Me, Tony, Chris, Sunny, Natalie & Sandi) for the first two runs. We were headed back up to the lodge for lunch when it started to sleet on us. Ouch. As we were getting off of the lift, they told us that the lift was closing and to head to the gondola. Shortly thereafter, they had to shut the gondola down due to the thunderstorm. We were stranded on the mountain! Fortunately, we had plenty of food and drink to keep us happy. If the storm didn't cease, they were going to transport us down on Catamarans. Unfortunately, the lightening did go away and we rode the gondola down.
After our exciting adventure, we went back to the condo, cleaned up and went out to a yummy dinner in the village. We came back and did a bit of hot tubbing before going to bed.

That night, we were in luck. The precipitation and colder weather made snow. Not a lot, but some. Saturday morning, we headed out kinda later than we wanted to. Chris, Tony and I did the runs at the top of the mountain. It really felt like winter up there! Needless to say, we were quite happy with the conditions. There was one point where we were going along a cat trail and there were narrow strips of snow surrounded by dirt and rocks. It was very surreal to be snowboarding in spots with so little snow. The boys wore me out that day! We met up with Natalie and Sandi in the lodge and headed down to the village. We stopped by a cheesy bar for a drink and snack before heading back to the condo. We got ready all quick-like and went out for a fun time eating sushi and hitting the hokie clubs in the village. I was so freaking tired, so Tony & I headed back early to go to sleep.

Sunday morning, we loaded up the cars and went to brunch in the village. I think it will be the last time we do that. This past time was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. After we finally got out of the crappy restaurant, we did a bit of shopping. I scored the most kick-ass jacket that everybody wants. Seriously. I'm going to try and find a picture of it online somewhere. Sandi, Tony & I headed back to Seattle and that was the end of our vacation.

The end.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Going to Whistler for the weekend. Leaving tonight.
My digestive system is not happy with me for reasons unknown. I just hope I am all better before we leave after work.
Happy Birthday Duncan!
I cut my hair short. Will post pictures soon.
Speaking of pictures, here are the pictures from my birthday party.

I no longer have broadband at home. I now connect to the internet using my mobil phone. How cool is that?? Thing is, it's really slow. Going back to dial-up is weird, but will save me a good chunk of money every month.

OK, back to work.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Week in review by Kris

I'm going backwards because I can.

Right now, I stay up because I am going to go pick up Natalie from the airport tonight. Unfortunately, her plane is an hour late and won't be landing until 11:40pm. I could go to bed now. She's coming back from a weekend in SoCal.

Last night, I did much of nothing. Yesterday, I felt crappy. Skipped my workout.

Sunday, Tony & I went for a ride on his motorcycle to Edmonds. We went to the beach and were going to play frisbee, but we went and ate at an overpriced restaurant instead. The food was disappointing for how much it cost. That night, we rented "Big Fish". I enjoyed it greatly.

It is official. I eat fish again. not the Tim Burton kind, but the kind you get at restaurants.

Saturday, we went out for brunch. Just the two of us. Our regular brunch dates were all out of town. As we left to go eat, Tony locked his keys out of his house. Fortunately, Amanda has a spare, so we went to her house after we ate. I had a massage appointment with Stine mid-afternoon. That was lovely. Afterwards, tony picked me up on his bike and we went downtown to do a bit of shopping for him. That night we went to Jai Tai where we met up with Amanda & Emmett after they got off from work.

Friday night, Tony & I went and saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and both loved it. Charlie Kaufman has yet to disappoint me. I think he is GRRREAT! You know, Tony the Tiger great. From the commercials. Don't mind me. I'm a nut. A big, fat macadamia nut.

Thursday night, we went out dancing at the Mercury. The music was old school EBM/Industrial and I dance a lot and had much fun.