Friday, March 25, 2005

Oh Wait! The Good News!

The work drama will lessen soon! Both Alysa and Trish will be leaving at the end of this month! Yeah!

Where has the time gone?

Last weekend, a trip was made to the beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Mother Nature decided to play nice and dumped a good portion of snow on us whilst there. Adrianne, Julie and I participated in the Roxy snowboarding camp for women. I learned a bunch of new things like jumping! I fell in a tree well while doing a tree run. Oops. No worries - I wasn't hurt and had my whole group to help me out.

As always, tons of fun happened. Except, well, Julie fractured her thumb. It's minor, but is still The Suck.

Mother Nature is now giving us a bit more snow. Tony, Chris and I will be venturing up to Mt. Baker on Saturday evening for a fun-filled day of snowboarding on Sunday. Wheee!

My time has been filled with the random stuff. Work keeps us busy as always. Movies are watched often. I started seeing a new chiropractor to help with the sciatica. She rocks. I still need to get up off my ass and get back to the gym. We fell out of the routine in a hard way.

OK, must get back to work. Happy Friday!