Saturday, May 26, 2007

What's been keeping me so busy as of late

Let's see...the company I work for moved our offices to Seattle. This time around, I had lots of help since we have many more employees. On the 17th, we packed all day and then the movers moved our stuff on the 18th. The 19th was spent setting up the office. There were hitches and snags with the move, but they are worked out now. Our new office location is 3 miles from our house and only a block away from Seattle University. It's awesome. The not awesome part: it's an old building with terrible windows. With our lovely spring weather, the office is unbearably hot and we have no control over the air conditioner. While we were negotiating the lease on the space, we put in the requirements that the HVAC system be thoroughly checked out for issues and these issues need to be resolved (we'd been dealing with HVAC issues at our old location for 2 years). They told us it was done and now we find out that it was not. I know how to resolve the issue: new windows. Seriously. Now that we're in the city and do not have designated parking, I also get to hear complaints regarding parking. I had a good guess that it would be an issue. However, the number of employees who have to drive to work has been greatly minimized including T & me.

Now that the move is over, my amount of work feels like it's becoming more manageable. It's been a hectic month.

There are only a couple more weeks left of school for this quarter. This past Monday, I had a group presentation for my Ethics class and it went really well. We actually had fellow classmates complimenting us after it was over! I've been putting a lot of focus on the project so now that it's complete, I can now turn to Calculus. My in-class final is this Wednesday and I need to have my take-home final done before then. Guess what I'll be doing with my 3-day weekend? The nice thing is that because I do have a 3-day weekend, I can actually have a bit of downtime in the mix.

Lil' bean's been doing somersaults in my belly. It's the weirdest thing to watch. I had a doctor's appointment this past Tuesday to get the blood sugar test done. I'm not diabetic, but I am anemic. I have to admit, my diet has gotten poor (for me) since school started. I'm looking forward to having time to cook again this summer. I also dropped a couple of pounds since my last appointment to which Dr. McDermott says, "What is up with your weight?" The baby is continuing to grow, so she's not too concerned about it. However, I'm a little tired of people commenting on how small I am. I got a chiro adjustment yesterday and my regular doctor is out of town. The one who is filling in for her couldn't get over my size. Her sister is also pregnant and is about as far along as I am, so naturally she compares me to her sister. I just wish I had some sort of response when people make that comment.

I swear I eat. I feel like I'm eating all time time. I've increased my calorie intake. I'm trying! My body is going to manage this pregnancy in the way that it knows how. Speaking of eating, I'm hungry so I must go stuff my face before doing productive stuff today.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I really should be doing homework right now

Lots to do tonight! I have a group presentation tomorrow and have a few more things to wrap up. I also need to write a 1000 word paper to make up for the class that I missed last Monday due to being sick. And then, if I have time, I'll do my calculus homework. Why am I posting to my blog right now? Oh yeah:

28 Weeks!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

84 days to go!

There is much to do and if I think about it, I get overwhelmed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stuff for Lil' Bean

Since people have been asking if we started registering, I set this site up. As we narrow down what we want to use for baby J, I'll add to the blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mom's Day

I woke up much earlier than I wanted to this morning with thoughts of work. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I stayed in bed reading a book for my Ethics project. After eating breakfast, I called Mom and was chatting with her. Tony comes downstairs showered and dressed. This is unusual for him to do unless he has plans. I continued to talk to Mom as I watched Tony straighten up the house. Again, unusual behavior. He then asks me something that hints he's got something up his sleeve. I paused my conversation for a moment and he tells me that he's invited a few friends over for Mother's Day brunch. Surprise! I ended my conversation so I could get some clothes on before our guests arrived. It was lovely to hang out with my friends and have my husband fix brunch for us :)

I feel like I'm coming down with a head cold. Ugh. I took advantage of the Mother's Day thing and asked Tony to clean the bathtub for me so I can take a bath tonight. It worked! Now I just need to get through a bit more of this homework before I can justify a break.

Friday, May 11, 2007

We stole the sunshine

It seems the weather is crap everywhere in the country except here. The weather has been lovely here this week which will make the Arthritis Walk tomorrow so much more pleasant.

Pregnancy update: I have gained 5 pounds and am finally over my prepregnancy weight. Things are going swell. My belly is big enough now to where my friends ask to touch it and I get asked often by strangers when I'm due. I'm currently creating a website for baby stuff we need for those people that want to get us stuff and would like recommendations. I'll be sure to link to it when I'm done.

School's keeping me busy as usual. This quarter is over in less than a month. It sure did fly by! Once school is over, the summer gets really busy with a trip to Hotlanta for a long weekend, baby shower with family coming to visit and then getting the house ready for our new addition. We haven't decided on a name or come up with any more options. Honestly, I haven't had time to think about it!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baby names

OK, I give in. Inquiring minds want to know. Here's our current list of names we are considering for lil' bean. We may add to it in the next few months (who knows). His middle name will be my given last name and his last name will be my taken last name.

In alphabetical order:


Here's what Tony says about each name:
I like Killian because then we can call him Killy for short.
I like Kincaid because Caid is a cool short name. And when he gets older, "Kinky".
I like Quentin because that's my middle name and then my names are the bread in our baby name sandwich.
I like Quinn because it's a nice, short Scottish name and we both have lots of Scottish heritage. Not that we'll be putting him in kilts or getting him bagpipe lessons, but it's nice to give your child a link to their heritage.

Please note that he is joking about the nicknames "Killy" and "Kinky" :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm down to weekly posts it looks like

It was so lovely to spend time with Jenn & Cameron this past weekend. I miss them dearly. I accidently stole her hairbrush. So sorry, Jenn!

Although I'm very busy, things are going really well. Pregnancy is going great - I'm finally above my prepregnancy weight! School is going great and work is pretty good. My classes are inspiring me to develop new things at work already. I have my work cut out for me this summer with finding financial aid for school (paying out of pocket this quarter was just too hard), getting ready for the baby and finding the best day care for the little one.

Oh yeah! We have neighbors! I came home from class on Monday to find that two sets of families had moved in that day! I hope to meet them this weekend :)

Happy Belated Birthday to cousin Colleen!