Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baby names

OK, I give in. Inquiring minds want to know. Here's our current list of names we are considering for lil' bean. We may add to it in the next few months (who knows). His middle name will be my given last name and his last name will be my taken last name.

In alphabetical order:


Here's what Tony says about each name:
I like Killian because then we can call him Killy for short.
I like Kincaid because Caid is a cool short name. And when he gets older, "Kinky".
I like Quentin because that's my middle name and then my names are the bread in our baby name sandwich.
I like Quinn because it's a nice, short Scottish name and we both have lots of Scottish heritage. Not that we'll be putting him in kilts or getting him bagpipe lessons, but it's nice to give your child a link to their heritage.

Please note that he is joking about the nicknames "Killy" and "Kinky" :)


Estelle said...

Look, I'm a teacher. I'm going to be honest with you.

Killian and Kincaid are horrible. Really. I value our friendship and all, but those are just not names. They're not. They're surnames. And given the fact that your kid is going to have a surname as a middle name as well, he's gonna sound like a law firm. And he has nothing to fall back on.

Quinn is uber popular and being taken by the girls quite quickly. Quintin is at least a legitimate name, and Quentin and legitimate variant. It's much better than Killian or Kincaid. Remember, he is going to grow up and have to live with this name.

Quinn or Quentin. Please.

There. I've performed my daily "offend a friend" requirement. Now I can go to bed.

Amanda said...

i think Kinky is going to be a given at any age, i'm afraid. ;)
i must admit that i oppose E in the "Killian" department. i think it's quite cute, and unfortunately Quinn might wind up being yet another terribly trendy name that half of the kids in his generation have. But that's just my two cents. i know he'll be so utterly adorable that his name won't even matter. ;)

Patti Auburn said...

Sometimes no matter what you name your kids they end up with nicknames no one could have predicted. My cousin has the beautiful name of Andrea Ilon and we call her Mrf. Always have, always will. She is in her late thirties now, a Lt.Col. in the Navy and has 3 boys of her own and we still call her Mrf.

My friend Julie's 3rd kid had a womb name of "Juicy" given by her 5 yr old daughter. After "Juicy" was born, it was about 9 days or so until Julie finally decided on a name - in the meantime we called her "Juicy" and continued to do so until Juls finally begged us not to. "What she going to do when she's 13 and everyone is calling her 'Juicy'"? She had a point.

My childhood nickname was Magoo, but my uncle was the only one who called me that - still does. I guess it's better than "Pusskets" (his daughter), or "Fudley" (his son).

A lot of my friends call me Trix. My Mom has implied that is sounds like a hooker name but she won't come right out and say it. It's really a diminutive of my other nickname "Navigatrix". I have a fairly good sense of direction.

All that being said, I vote for Quinn, because, well, I think Dylan said it best:

"Come all without, come all within,
You'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn."