Thursday, September 30, 2004

October: The Month Of Changes

Today is my last day working at AHP Services. I will miss my coworkers and will miss the scenic drive to the east side in the mornings.

Last night, after signing the lease for our new apartment, we went and saw Shaun of the Dead. Funny movie! Tonight, we watch the first presidential debate. Tomorrow, I'm getting my hairs cut, washing my car, and doing whatever.

So, you probably want to know about Our New Apartment. It is lovely. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 stories, hardwood floors, dishwasher, courtyard...just come see it for yourself. As always, I'll take pictures. Our lease starts Oct. 15th. Yay!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Two more days!

Although my job is boring, I will miss the people that I work with. Debbie is throwing me a farewell party on Thursday. I am getting excited about starting My New Job as Executive Coordinator at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. I have to say, I need to practice spelling it. They actually spell Millennium with one 'n'...I'll need to ask why.

I finally got the application. Hopefully, Tony & I can coordinate and drop them off tonight.

I must get to the gym today. My body is aching!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Fall is upon us

The trees are changing and it is beautiful. We have had some glorious fog in the mornings as of late. I love this time of year.

This weekend was full of fun. Thursday night, we took Dad & Carolyn to Broadway Grill for dinner. They enjoyed it muchly. Friday night, we went to Fremont to a place called Dad .... i forget the last part of the name. They enjoyed that muchly also. Saturday morning, we were meant to view an apartment, but it was postponed until Sunday. We went to Mae's for breakfast before heading to Vancouver. The drive wasn't bad. After dropping the parents off for the cruise, Tony & I went to a trendy restaurant for a tasty, late lunch before heading back to Seattle.

Oh yeah - the party Friday night was fun. It was the biggest party at Chris' that I have been to. He has got a large house that is good for the parties. Plus, he likes to host them for his friends. Great gift if you ask me.

Saturday night, we were tired from the drive and decided to stay in. Amanda came over and we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Love that movie! We then started watching Envy and I promptly fell asleep.

We awoke on Sunday to go view the apartment. We are going to apply for it. The manager was meant to fax me the applications today since she was out, but I have yet to receive them. We want to do it soon so we can get an answer before rent is due. I'm refusing to get excited until a lease is signed. You will get no description until then! We met up with Chris & Katie (friend of his visiting from out of town) for brunch at Cafe Flora. It was tasty as usual. Afterwards, I headed home to hang out with the kitties for a bit. I went back to Tony's around 6:30. We then went downtown to see if we could get a ticket for Amanda for the Siouxsie show. Unfortunately, we had no luck. We hung out with Eric & Cathy in the bar before the show. The show itself was Excellent! Siouxsie is fabulous. *sigh* It was one of those shows that I did not want to end. Dean & Shannon drove up from Portland for it - we didn't really get to hang out with them because they showed up late and then decided not to go out afterwards. Dean said he was disappointed in the show, but I didn't get to find out why. I think anyone expecting to hear Siouxsie & The Banshee stuff would have been disappointed. They did a lot more Creatures songs. Anyway, we had a fabulous time.

It was a late night and now I am very tired. Must get back to work now!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Work has been busy with new business and wrapping things up. Not much free time to post.

Life has been busy with fun stuff and apartment hunting.

Dad & Carolyn will be arriving this afternoon and we'll be driving them up to Vancouver on Saturday. It will be a busy weekend.

OK, back to work.

Friday, September 17, 2004


We were meant to sign the lease tonight. He just called to say he decided to rent it to someone else who wanted it sooner and doesn't have pets.

I am sad now.

New residence!

We got the place! Signing of the lease will commence at 6:30pm today. Allow me to describe:

- 10ft ceilings
- hardwood floors
- woodburning fireplace
- living room/dining room = 500sq ft/ whole apartment is 1200sq ft!!!
- new appliances including dishwasher
- basement with full-size washer & dryer
- front yard = old elm tree
- back yard = plum tree
- parking space
- excellent condition
- owner is cool and looks like John Kerry :)

Here's the problem: this place is beautiful. We are going to be moving in and bringing our unmatching, mediocre furniture with us. It will look funny. We will want to buy all new furniture. There is no way we could afford to do this anytime in the near future. I think I will have to unleash the supreme craftiness in me to make our furniture look good. I'll need to accomplish this before snowboarding season starts in a couple of months.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


My sciatica has been bothering me something fierce lately. I was so hoping the chiro treatments would fix that. :(

The trees in front of my office building are already changing color. Apparently, they turn early.

The apartment we viewed last night is beautiful. We are going to apply for it. Keep your fingers crossed for us, okay? I really think it is going to be as close to perfect as we can get while still staying in our price range.

The giving of the notice of resignation went well. It was announced to all today at a company meeting. I have received many 'congratulations' and it is nice. No more anxiety about that!

Tonight, I go visit Stine and her computer to get her up and running again.

Tomorrow night, Tony & I go to Teresa's to hang out with her and Robert.

Weekend plans are still up in the air. There is a wedding in Wenachee, but Tony hasn't decided if we are going yet.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Offer made and accepted. Start date: October 1, 2004.

I now must give my notice today and I am too nervous. I like Debbie. No one is expecting me to leave. They count on me.

My weekend was good. Cathy's b-day party was on Friday and it was muey fun. Saturday, we slept in and went to see The Village later that day. We stayed in Sat. night due to lack of funds. Amanda came over and we watched a movie that I do not recall the name of. Sunday was more of not doing much. We were meant to look at an apartment but chose not to after seeing the outside.

I made a plum crumble last night and it was a big hit. Sweet.

We are going to view another apartment tonight. I drove by it last night: it's a duplex - the house was built in 1910 and it looks very cool from the outside. Tony is so hard to please, though. He's kinda anti-duplex. The place is just a one-bedroom, but it's 1200 square feet. We'll see.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

the Pixies rocked!!!

I don't recall what I did last Friday. I think we stayed in and watched movies or something.

Douglas & Lorian got married on Saturday. It was lovely. We were there until about 4:30pm. I dropped Tony & Amanda off and went home to nap. That night, we went to the Mercury to get our boogie on. Oh yeah. We went to Charlie's for dinner. I ordered the field roast philly cheesesteak. When I got my sandwich, I took a bite and realized, "Hey, this isn't what I ordered!" Instead, I was given a roast beef sandwich. Ugh. Fortunately, it didn't make me too sick.

Sunday started off with brunch at Charlie's with Tony, Chris, Scott, Jeremiah and Julie. We then jetted off to Ski Bonkers. I am now the proud owner of my very own snowboard, boots and bindings. I LOVE THEM! OK season, you need to start now! Afterwards, Tony & I went for sushi at Blue C. Yummers!

I did a whole lotta nothing on Monday.

On Tuesday, we left for Vancouver mid-afternoon and got there around 7pm. The Pixies show was crazy and wonderful and all kinds of good things. After the show, we went to a pub and ate crappy food and drank mediocre drinks.

Wednesday felt like Sunday. We drove back after lunch in lots of rain. Everyone was tired. It was an excellent 5-day weekend. And now I only have a two-day week! Sweet!

I'm meant to hear from Ralph today. I am anxious. I want the job now, please.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

It was not meant to be

Yesterday, I called and found out that the huge apartment has been rented. We floundered too long. Oh well. We have an appointment to look at another place today. Trying to go apartment hunting when you are already busy is not the easiest thing to do.

After work, I headed off to Ralph's office and proceeded to get lost. He wasn't answering his phone and Tony wasn't answering his phone (I was hoping he could mapquest for me). Finally, Ralph called back and he said that he couldn't meet and had called Aaron to call Tony to tell me. Anyway, we are meeting today for lunch. He's coming out here.

Around 8:30pm, Tony calls me and left me a message that Ralph couldn't meet with me. Duh. I called him back; his phone was still on silent from when we went to the movie the previous night. He does this almost every time unless I remind him. Heh. Oh well. I suppose it was meant for me to get lost due to bad directions (Ralph hadn't realized a new light had been installed on a specific road).

I got tons of sleep last night yet can't stop yawning. What is up with that?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Is it just me?

It seems that the world is in so much turmoil lately. Russia, Sudan, Iraq and more. It is so depressing to read the news every day. I want to take all of my friends and move to the mountains with no television or internet. *cry*

Last night, we went and saw Napoleon Dynamite. T'was funny. During the movie, my left hand started iching. When we got out of the movie, I noticed that it was swollen in a couple of places. Today, it is very swollen and ichy with a rash that is now moving up my arm. WTF?

Tonight, I go meet with Ralph who is one of the main investors in Millennium Pharmaceudicals to discuss a possible job working mainly with him. We are meeting to see how we relate and if we are on the same wavelength. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

Why must they keep it so cold in here? Brrr! OK, back to work.