Thursday, September 02, 2004

It was not meant to be

Yesterday, I called and found out that the huge apartment has been rented. We floundered too long. Oh well. We have an appointment to look at another place today. Trying to go apartment hunting when you are already busy is not the easiest thing to do.

After work, I headed off to Ralph's office and proceeded to get lost. He wasn't answering his phone and Tony wasn't answering his phone (I was hoping he could mapquest for me). Finally, Ralph called back and he said that he couldn't meet and had called Aaron to call Tony to tell me. Anyway, we are meeting today for lunch. He's coming out here.

Around 8:30pm, Tony calls me and left me a message that Ralph couldn't meet with me. Duh. I called him back; his phone was still on silent from when we went to the movie the previous night. He does this almost every time unless I remind him. Heh. Oh well. I suppose it was meant for me to get lost due to bad directions (Ralph hadn't realized a new light had been installed on a specific road).

I got tons of sleep last night yet can't stop yawning. What is up with that?

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