Friday, September 17, 2004

New residence!

We got the place! Signing of the lease will commence at 6:30pm today. Allow me to describe:

- 10ft ceilings
- hardwood floors
- woodburning fireplace
- living room/dining room = 500sq ft/ whole apartment is 1200sq ft!!!
- new appliances including dishwasher
- basement with full-size washer & dryer
- front yard = old elm tree
- back yard = plum tree
- parking space
- excellent condition
- owner is cool and looks like John Kerry :)

Here's the problem: this place is beautiful. We are going to be moving in and bringing our unmatching, mediocre furniture with us. It will look funny. We will want to buy all new furniture. There is no way we could afford to do this anytime in the near future. I think I will have to unleash the supreme craftiness in me to make our furniture look good. I'll need to accomplish this before snowboarding season starts in a couple of months.

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