Thursday, October 28, 2004


The Blogger server has been going down lately :/

The move of the Big Furniture on Sunday went smoothly. All friends agree that our new place is awesome. I still have lots of crap at my old place; it's overwhelming me. I wanted to sort through it all and give away lots, but I just don't know if I'll have the time. Maybe I'll kick some major ass on Saturday and get it all done. If I don't, it's all getting thrown in the car and sorted later.

We shopped for a bed for a week and finally came to a decision on Monday. Our bed was purchased and delivered on Tuesday morning. It is glorious!

There was a little episode on Tuesday. The plan was for me to go to work at the normal time and Tony stay home to wait for the bed to be delivered. After the arrival of the bed, Tony couldn't find Persephone. To make things harder, our electricity went out and we had yet to bring over a flashlight. I go back home to pick Tony up and he tells me that Persephone is missing. I'm thinking she ran out the door when the delivery guys were there. We look for her for awhile - inside and outside - calling out her name the whole time. No Persephone. We had to stop and go back to work. After my boss left, we left early to go home and search some more. After combing the neighborhood and house, we gave up and Tony started making a flyer. I started doing stuff around the house when Persephone sauntered out from her New Super Secret Hiding Place.

Bad Kitty for not coming out when we called her!

Anyway, we LOVE our new place. Come and visit, ok?

In other news, it's 43 degrees outside right now.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Too tired for my own good

Coffee is the only thing barely keeping me awake. I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night. We went out to see The Cruxshadows. I spent most of the night catching up with everyone. It was fun. So many people from Florida have moved to Seattle the last couple of years. And, they all love it.

I am not alone.

I think I must leave soon before I fall asleep.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Time escapes me

I'm sorry for not updating lately. I stay busy at work and haven't sat in front of a computer at home in some time.

Tony's mom left this morning. We didn't get to San Juan Island this weekend as hoped due to rainy weather. We did, however, eat lots and lots of good food. Vietnamese, Flying Fish, The Capitol Club, Mae's and more.

A friend from college, Tate, is in town for a visit. We hope to hang out Thursday night and Saturday for brunch. I haven't seen him in years!

The rest of my time will be dedicated to the packing and moving thing. The first thing we moved in? Flowers! Yesterday, I took over stuff to clean with and dirty laundry. The machines at our new place are half the cost at our current apartments. I'm going to hang out there tonight and do a load of laundry while wiping things down. The place is clean, but the drawers and shelves are a bit dusty. We're moving the big stuff on Sunday and will be taking things over all week long. We are also shopping for a new bed since both of our beds are 15 years old and worn out.

OK, much work to do. I miss my commute-home conversations with Mom & Jenn.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Good things

My apologies for the lack of updates. Work has been keeping me busy which is A Very Good Thing. I am enjoying the work and atmosphere. All is good.

My life has been watching The Debates, watching The News, watching Documentaries, listening to NPR, thinking about all of you that are far away and lamenting not talking to you on the phone enough, getting adjusted to The New Job and stuff.

Tonight is Eric's 30th birthday party. It shall be fun. We got him new pool balls for their pool table since the current ones suck. We are hoping that they won't mind if we watch a bit of the debate tonight :-)

Tony's mom is coming to town on Tuesday. We will spend time this weekend cleaning his place. We get the keys to our new place next week! Have I started packing? No! I have acquired many boxes, though. I hope to spend some time this weekend doing the packing thing.

OK, must get back to the work thing now.