Monday, February 27, 2006

Pink blossoms

This is the time of year for the cherry blossom trees to bloom. They line the street in front of our office. So pretty! I should bring my camera to work one day to take a picture.

I almost got everything done this weekend that I wanted to. OMG - I almost killed Natalie with a stripper pole on Friday night! Sunny just put in a spring-loaded pole in her living room for striparobics or whatever it is called. I was swinging around on it on Friday night when it fell! I landed right on Natalie and was sure I split her head open! Instead, the top of the pole just took a chunk out of Sunny's wall. Man, it freaked me out! Needless to say, Sunny is going to wait to use the pole until she can secure it better.

Saturday was fun times at Crystal. I wore my new helmut because now I'm going to practice better safety. Saturday night was more fun times at Julie's house.

Strangely enough, we couldn't really sleep in on Sunday. We did laze around for quite awhile. After lunch, I went to a hotel to check it out for Dad and then came home and started cleaning. Our place has gotten quite messy since we've been so busy. My productivity level was up where Tony's was down. He wore his pajamas all day long and watched TV! I still need to clean the fish tank, but that won't take too long. I love being productive. Speaking of, I should get back to work!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Aye Caramba!

It snowed in the city last night - a very light dusting that actually stuck. As we attempted to drive to work this morning, we encountered accidents and closed roads. We spent half an hour trying to get off of Capitol Hill until we finally gave up. The roads were just too icy. We went back home and waited an hour for the snow & ice to melt before successfully finding our way to work.

Tomorrow - snowboarding at Crystal. They got 14" new inches last night! Tomorrow should be rockin' Afterwards, Julie is having a hot tub party at her new house.

Tonight we are going to Sunny's for hanging out fun. Last night, we met up with some peeps at the local dive bar for a couple of drinks. Wednesday night, we went over to Chris' for movie night. Tuesday, I helped Julie move some big stuff that was left behind by the movers. Monday, we went out to dinner with Chris & Natalie. Busy week! I'm going to insist that we spend most of Sunday at home. I love my friends but I need a break once in awhile.

Whistler last weekend: the conditions were for crap so we moved our Roxy camp to March. We arrived Friday evening and checked in with Jill & William on Saturday morning. They were very displeased with their condo and decided to bail instead of spending the money to go up on the mountain. Their wedding is in 6 weeks so they still have lots to do. We only did a few runs before getting off the mountain for party fun. We hung out at the condo before heading to delish sushi. After dinner, we attempted to go to Araxi for delish dessert, but they were closed for a private party :( So back to the condo we went where we all passed out early. We slept in on Sunday and then went out for breakfast and shopping fun. Tony bought new goggles, I bought a helmut to protect my noggin and Julie picked up a fancy, new watch. We decided to head back to Seattle instead of taking a day off from work to just hang out at Whistler. Although we didn't get much snowboarding in, we still had a ton of fun.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Eeeviiilll in my Tummmmy!

I made a grave mistake today that I will regret for many hours. I accidentally consumed pig. We went to Whole Foods to pick up some lunch at the deli and I didn't read the complete ingredient list to one of the items I purchased - Creamy Polenta with Swiss Chard. I had eaten over half before a little cube of meat fell out. Ugh! Now I'm having to deal with severe nausea for the rest of the day. That's the last time I make that mistake!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I think I must be crazy for attempting to take classes, take the GRE, apply to grad school and plan a wedding in the next 6 months. Thinking about all of the things I'm going to have to keep track of gives me a little anxiety right now. I have weaned myself of my severe Type A personality traits and I'm going to have to revive them in order to do this. It can be done...I'm just hoping that Tony will still want to marry me after he gets a good dose of Type A Kris!

When I told Tony that I was going to have to put on my Type A hat, he was perplexed because he thought I already wore the hat. Poor guy...he hasn't seen anything yet! We did make a deal, though. If I get on his nerves because I attempt to take too much control and freak out when things don't go my way, I have to do something nice for him. He will then do something nice for me to help calm me down and bring me back to the normal world.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Workin' and Playin'

The Boss has been out of town all week so I've been able to catch up on a lot of stuff around here. Good thing! Today, we are having a baby shower potluck for Levona. Her original due date was 3/13, but she's going to be induced 2 weeks early. They are afraid that the baby will get bigger and it may cause complications. Now we must hustle to get a part-time person in here to help out while she's on family lead.

This week has been busy! Monday night, we received a call from Chris wanting to go out to dinner. We met up with him and Natalie for yummy Ethiopian food. Afterwards, Chris came over for a bit to hang out and then Heather joined us.

Tuesday night was The Day We Got Engaged. Drinks, Proposal, and then lovely dinner.

Wednesday, Chris calls and wants to take us out for drinks to congratulate us. I first went to the chiro and then stopped by the bookstore on the way home to pick up a few books on how to plan a wedding since we have no clue how to. Once I got home from hanging out with Chris, I talked to Jenn for an hour and then headed to bed shortly thereafter.

Thursday, we got home, I run to the grocery store to pick up food for today's potluck and then we head to a Mexican restaurant to meet with work people to celebrate the launch of our Spanish language website. Afterwards, we head to Julie's to hang out with peeps to watch Olympic snowboarding competitions on her HDTV flat panel TV that she just got.

As soon as we get home today, we have to pack and then we are off to Whistler for Roxy camp! Tony's camera broke last weekend so he's out buying another right now. Once we have time, we will upload some pictures from Utah and stuff. I swear! We have no plans to go out of town until next month - another Whistler trip! All of my spare time will be filled up with planning a wedding and getting ready to start school again. I've decided to try for the MBA program at Seattle University. The program is so much more flexible.

OK, I gotta focus on work now!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Utah Fun

We left work about an hour early on Thursday to give us plenty of time to get to the airport. While at the airport, I realized that I forgot to print out our car reservation information. Oops. When we arrived in Utah, we proceeded to go to every car rental counter looking for the reservation which took about an hour of our time. No luck. ???? We were able to rent a compact car from Budget. The guy helping us was really nice. He upgraded us to a sedan for no extra charge. We go out to the car to find out that it was brand new. Sweet. We drive to Pleasant Grove and arrive at Sherry's house at about 11 pm.

On Friday, we hung out at the house for the day with family. Tony's sister, Brenda, came over with her husband and 7-month old. It was our first time meeting Tony's newest nephew, Jordan. He is a doll! Later in the day, much more of the family came over. Tony has a big family - his mom has two sisters and a brother. Tony's uncle has 6 kids, one aunt has 9 kids and the other aunt has 3 I think. And of course their kids have had kids. Only part of the family was over on Friday night for dinner - Grandma, one aunt & uncle, 4 cousins, 3 cousins once removed, 4 sisters, one brother-in-law, 2 nephews and one niece. Whew!

Saturday, we went roller skating. Wanted to do something fun for the kids.

Sunday, we went snowboarding with Tony's oldest nephew and his dad. fun! After we got back from the mountain, we went to a reunion at his aunt's house where I got to meet even more family. So many kids! After the reunion, Tony & I headed to the airport to come back to Seattle. Fun stuff.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My new favorite thing

Work has been very busy and a little stressful this week. I've been busy getting ready for our trip in the evenings. Whew. We leave tonight after work for Utah and will be flying back Sunday evening.

OK - gotta get back to work. Just wanted to post a little update since it has been several days. I just know I'm forgetting something.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pain in the neck

Our trip to Mt. Baker was fabulous. We just couldn't get over how great the conditions were. The visibility was a bit poor some of the time, but we did get some movies and pictures. I have been so busy this week that I haven't had time to upload any. Unfortunately, I woke up on Monday with a very sore neck as if I had pulled it while boarding. It's feeling mostly better now, but was a very strange sensation.

The snow is continuing to fall in the mountains. We'll be heading to Crystal on Sunday in hopes that the crowds will be low due to the Super Bowl. It's pretty crazy that the Seattle Seahawks are playing this year.

I helped Julie pack on Monday and will be doing so again tonight. Last night, I had an acupuncture appointment and then we went out to dinner with Chris and the girl he's been dating, Heather. Afterwards, we went to Noc Noc for 80's night. We haven't been going out to clubs lately but last night Amanda asked us to come out to celebrate her 10-year anniversary of moving to Seattle.

We were pondering going boarding both days this weekend, but I decided that I should take Saturday off so I could get stuff done. I'm also going for a massage - my poor back sure does need it!

OK, gotta get back to work.