Friday, February 24, 2006

Aye Caramba!

It snowed in the city last night - a very light dusting that actually stuck. As we attempted to drive to work this morning, we encountered accidents and closed roads. We spent half an hour trying to get off of Capitol Hill until we finally gave up. The roads were just too icy. We went back home and waited an hour for the snow & ice to melt before successfully finding our way to work.

Tomorrow - snowboarding at Crystal. They got 14" new inches last night! Tomorrow should be rockin' Afterwards, Julie is having a hot tub party at her new house.

Tonight we are going to Sunny's for hanging out fun. Last night, we met up with some peeps at the local dive bar for a couple of drinks. Wednesday night, we went over to Chris' for movie night. Tuesday, I helped Julie move some big stuff that was left behind by the movers. Monday, we went out to dinner with Chris & Natalie. Busy week! I'm going to insist that we spend most of Sunday at home. I love my friends but I need a break once in awhile.

Whistler last weekend: the conditions were for crap so we moved our Roxy camp to March. We arrived Friday evening and checked in with Jill & William on Saturday morning. They were very displeased with their condo and decided to bail instead of spending the money to go up on the mountain. Their wedding is in 6 weeks so they still have lots to do. We only did a few runs before getting off the mountain for party fun. We hung out at the condo before heading to delish sushi. After dinner, we attempted to go to Araxi for delish dessert, but they were closed for a private party :( So back to the condo we went where we all passed out early. We slept in on Sunday and then went out for breakfast and shopping fun. Tony bought new goggles, I bought a helmut to protect my noggin and Julie picked up a fancy, new watch. We decided to head back to Seattle instead of taking a day off from work to just hang out at Whistler. Although we didn't get much snowboarding in, we still had a ton of fun.

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