Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pain in the neck

Our trip to Mt. Baker was fabulous. We just couldn't get over how great the conditions were. The visibility was a bit poor some of the time, but we did get some movies and pictures. I have been so busy this week that I haven't had time to upload any. Unfortunately, I woke up on Monday with a very sore neck as if I had pulled it while boarding. It's feeling mostly better now, but was a very strange sensation.

The snow is continuing to fall in the mountains. We'll be heading to Crystal on Sunday in hopes that the crowds will be low due to the Super Bowl. It's pretty crazy that the Seattle Seahawks are playing this year.

I helped Julie pack on Monday and will be doing so again tonight. Last night, I had an acupuncture appointment and then we went out to dinner with Chris and the girl he's been dating, Heather. Afterwards, we went to Noc Noc for 80's night. We haven't been going out to clubs lately but last night Amanda asked us to come out to celebrate her 10-year anniversary of moving to Seattle.

We were pondering going boarding both days this weekend, but I decided that I should take Saturday off so I could get stuff done. I'm also going for a massage - my poor back sure does need it!

OK, gotta get back to work.

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