Thursday, December 15, 2005

Seating with poor back support is The Suck!

This week has been pretty mellow. The only night we went out and did something was Tuesday - we went over to Cathy & Eric's house to hang out for a bit and enjoy tasty wine & cheese.

My acupuncturist cancelled my appointment yesterday due to a knee injury, so I just had my adjustment. My back was feeling great and all until I sat at my desk at home to pay bills. Suddenly, my poor left lower back muscles started spasming and they haven't stopped yet :( I just took some Aleve, so let's hope that helps.

Tomorrow is our holiday company lunch. I picked a place that I hope everyone will enjoy. We'll get to close shop early which will be a surprise to everyone. Then, Tony & I are going to scoot home, pack up the car, pick up Elan and head to Whistler where we'll be meeting Chris, Natalie & Julie for snowboarding fun!

My back better feel better soon or I'm gonna be really mad.

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betsy said...

enjoy your trip! and post more pics :)