Friday, June 30, 2006

A week of success

I have successfully gone to the gym every day this week. Go me! Levona took today off so I almost didn't go because I have plenty of work to do. But, I did go and it was worht it! yay!

Tonight is the Sonic Youth show. I haven't listened to any of their current stuff in about 4 years, but they are one of the bands that I've been familiar with for so long that I figure I should see them live one time in my life.

Need to get back to working - going to try and take off early today.

I've already told her twice today, so a third time won't hurt. Happy Birthday, lovely Betsyroo!

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thelyamhound said...

So how was the Sonic Youth show? I actually really liked their next-to-last album, Sonic Nurse, quite a lot. I've always been peripherally interested in the band, so I never had much invested in the whole, "They haven't been the same since Daydream Nation!" 'tude.