Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dear Blog

I have missed posting meaty updates to you. Work has been very demanding this week and I have been spending my evenings studying. I am very close to finishing the Finance class. After my final test next Tuesday, I will relax until Dad & Carolyn head back to Houston. Soon thereafter, I will make a list of everything I need to get done before The Big Day and Grad School. There is a lot, so a list is a must.

I am not going to study tonight, however. Socializing with friends is necessary - our beloved Chris is leaving for his 3-week trip to Bolivia tomorrow morning. We must wish him a happy farewell and he insist on having a good drink before he leaves. I think I might join him in the tasty beverage.

I miss all of the loverlies in Florida. Both Tony & I want you all to move to Seattle. Tomorrow. Pretty please? OK, fine. I know begging isn't going to make it happen. You all are awesome.

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