Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rambly ramble + procrastination

We had a lovely time with Dad & Carolyn in the evenings while they were visiting. After they left, I intended to be productive right away but that didn't happen. The next plan was to be productive today: go see SIFF movie about the Pixies - check; meet up with caterer to discuss things - check; come home and create 2 lists of things I need to do for school and for wedding - not checked. However, I did find an application on my computer that makes checklists. For reals! Now I just need to focus and start using it.

Safari is doing something really, really annoying. It just started last week and I don't want to troubleshoot it. I should have Tony do it.

We saw An Inconvenient Truth last night. It's a movie that everyone should see. We've also been watching Six Feet Under. We are almost done with the series. Sad :(

Well, I thought I was in the mood to post but realized that I'm not but I'm going to post this anyway even though I'm not satisfied with the flow.

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Stine said...

We just finished the whole Six Feet Under series last month. God it was a good show.

Peter Krause is my daddy.