Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things that happen on Tuesdays

I wake up in the morning and wish I could sleep longer.
I drag myself out of bed and take a shower.
I get dressed for work and gather some food for lunch.
We drive to work and then start working.
My 1pm interviewee doesn't show up.
I post in my journal to give myself a little break from working.

I started to take a practice GMAT test the other night and I'm pretty freaked out right now. I am going to have to study my butt off for the next month and really hope I do well enough on the test. I have a problem, though. The task of relearning all the math is terribly daunting. Therefore, I find myself wanting to avoid the studying. It's no good.

I dyed my hair 'Light Golden Brown' the other day and no one has noticed. I'm trying to get a color that matches my roots, but it's pretty hard. I'm hoping to find a color that is really close to my natural color before the wedding.

OK, time to make more things happen on this Tuesday.

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