Friday, June 23, 2006

Sometimes, I must share The Gross

Because this blog is all about my daily life, I will share with you a bit of The Gross.

We live in a 2-story apartment with the bathroom residing upstairs. When someone is feeling a bit pukey, oftentimes the kitchen sink is the closest basin. I know. Grody. We have a garbage disposal if that makes it any better. Just a minute ago, I grabbed the soap to wash pans from dinner and felt 'stuff' on it. It took me a second to realize it was dried vomit. GROSS! I suppose it splattered a bit last night and Tony missed some things when cleaning up.

p.s. I always scrub down the sink with Bon Ami afterwards. I didn't think about checking for splatter last night!

Our neighbors disappeared. Their mail started piling up in front of their door so we started picking it up. I'm worried because they didn't ask anyone to watch for packages and stuff while they were gone...they just took off. I hope there wasn't some awful emergency. I'll feel much better when they come home.

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