Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Holidays!

It has been a crazy time here. My last post about the weather? Well, that storm not only brought snow in the mountains but also brought high winds which proceeded to knock out power to over a million people in Washington. Our power at home went out Thursday night around 10:30 and came back sometime on Friday. The power at work was out for 4 days. Poor Chris was without power for 6 days. Work was hectic last week and then we've been busy with family in town.

The holidays have been great so far. I was bad and didn't take any pictures. My camera battery died and I haven't bothered to recharge it. Me is lame!

We found out some news about our place today. John the Builder, who wasn't returning our calls, is no longer working for the building company. The building company wasn't sending out anyone to fix the rest of the stuff because they thought all of it had already been done. Sooo...someone is meant to call us tomorrow to schedule an appointment so we can show them all of the things that still need to be completed. It better happen and soon. I'm so ready to have internet at home!

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