Friday, August 24, 2007

17 days

Once again, I find myself thinking that I am a very lucky person. Malcolm is such a good baby. My mom arrived on Tuesday to help me out and I think she's a bit bored. Mal is a cuddle bug so that's pretty much all I ask her to do - cuddle him so I can get stuff done like cook. Can you believe that I have a 2.5 week-old and can cook dinners that take time to prepare? I never though that would happen! The little one is gaining weight like he should (if he's awake, he's eating) and pooping and peeing a good amount. And, he loves to sleep! We have found that we haven't suffered from sleep deprivation - can you believe it?

Parenthood is pretty amazing. Malcolm is adorable. I'm so in love!


Amanda said...

i am SO glad you guys are getting good sleep! Most parents would seriously envy you, i think. :)
He is so adorable...

Patti Auburn said...

WOW! What a good baby! Getting enough sleep never happens. I have friends that went 7 years without a full night's sleep. You are so lucky.