Saturday, May 10, 2008

9-month letter

My Favorite Malcolm,

You've been out of my womb for as long as you were in it. The thing that amazes me most is how quickly you have changed in nine short months. I realize that this is something that I will be saying for pretty much all of your childhood, but it's true. Nine months ago, you were a tiny, little thing that was as helpless as could be. Today, you are crawling and creeping all over the house, exploring every nook and piece of dirt.

This month, you and I went down to San Diego to visit your Auntie Jenn and Cousin Cameron. We had a lot of fun with them; you were just fascinated by your big cousin. He would come over to you and say, "Baby Malcolm! Hug?" and would then lean into you so you could give him a hug. Being that you aren't really sure what a hug is and have little baby arms, you would reach out and grab onto the hair on his head. Cameron would sometimes say "Ow" in a little voice, but he didn't seem to mind that you were pulling his hair. He was also quite fond of holding you, but you weren't too sure about it. Your Auntie Jenn is, of course, enamored by you, but that is no surprise.

As your personality blossoms, the one trait that everyone comments on is how happy you are. I often hear, "He is such a happy baby!" When we are out in public, you smile and babble at anyone who will look at you. You just love to absorb every activity that is going on around you. Anyone that loves babies REALLY love you and you love the attention.

Your favorite things this month are bread, chasing Screech, playing in the kitties' water bowl and licking the faces of me and your Daddy (we like to think you are giving us kisses. Wet, slobbery kisses). Nine months is such a short period of time, but my life has been changed in ways that I never could have imagine in this brief period of time.


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