Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Stomach Flu

A flu to the stomach is no good. I'm just glad it's over and neither of my boys caught it. I can still only eat bland food. Mal was worried about me on my sickest day (Friday) but it seemed that he understood that I needed to lay down and rest and couldn't play with him. He didn't complain and spent most of his time entertaining himself and making a huge mess of the house. He visited me often to nurse but never asked me to get out of bed to play with him.

We recently got Mal a new car seat:

He wasn't too happy to be strapped down in it, but that's because he wanted to play. I wasn't feeling the love for this car seat at first. I had a hard time installing it properly and it made me swear a lot (and I rarely swear). After much trial and error, I finally installed it and I'm liking it OK. There are only 2 things that I do not like about it: the latch strap is too short to put the seat in the center and the knobs to tighten the harness are placed so close to the front of the seat that they are difficult to turn because the actual car's seat is in the way. The latter problem won't be an issue when Mal's forward facing, but that's not going to be for some time.

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Estelle said...

*loving* the rear facing toddler
*loving* the EFTA (one of my fav seats at the moment, but I do agree with the knobs being annoying)
However... Evenflo does not allow anchor borrowing (using the outboard anchors for a middle position) unless spaced the standard 11 inches apart, and then only if the vehicle manual allows it (not common). Soooo... that's why it won't reach. Just so you know now :)
He'll enjoy it. I looove that seat and came very close to buying one for Sam.
And, uh, he's grown up major.