Saturday, April 04, 2009

I Stand Corrected

Sunny gave birth to little Spencer at 10:59 PM last Friday after being in labor for 22 hours. 22 hours, People! I visited them in the hospital last Sunday before meeting up with my book club. The new parents are totally in love with their little man.

On Monday, we had a play date with a mom/daughter duo that we hadn't seen in some time. The mom is 22 weeks pregnant.
On Tuesday, it was very apparent that I caught Tony's head cold. I felt too poor to do anything for the next two days. Malcolm got pretty bored.
On Thursday, we went swimming at one of the local indoor pools with Angie & Rowan. Since then, Mal's been talking about 'splashin' in the water' nonstop. I think I need to take him swimming more often.
On Friday, we met up with a high school friend of mine who lives in the area (Tacoma) with her husband and two boys. I find out she's 22 weeks pregnant. We took the boys to the zoo. Mal's favorite exhibit was the Arctic marine animals...where he wanted to get in the water and go splashin' with the whale/seals/walrus/otters.

I'm going to write this down because I keep leaving pregnant friends out. These are my friends who live in the area that are pregnant:


That's 9 people, y'all! So please ignore my previous post where I said I thought this baby boom was slowing down. I was completely wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Piet just pointed out - one friend = 22 weeks; another friend = 22 weeks; Sunny = 22 hours in labor. See a pattern? Your nephew was born on the 22nd...Kris, think it is time to play the lottery, Baby!