Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Babies

I started leading a new PEPS group this week. Last night was the first meeting. I had 16 new parents and 8 new babies (10 days to 3 months old) in my living room for two hours. First, I do not have enough seating for that many people, so there were a couple on the floor. Second, it gets rather warm in our house when we pack that many bodies into a smallish room. Third, I get so nervous about doing a good job. This nervousness kept me up last night after the fact. I wonder, "Will any of the families drop out because I did something wrong? How can I do things better?" Of course, I want to give all of the new parents a perfect experience, but, I have learned that it is impossible. In fact, PEPS tells you in the training that there may be a few families in your group that will not be completely satisfied. I can only do my best, right?

I also thought about how we thought we were going to have a baby that would have been in the age group that these babies are in and it made me a little sad.

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obeythefist said...

I love you so much. Every little thing about you.