Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Typical Sunday

The boys are over at Amanda's so I can have time alone in the house to clean. The cleaning. It's never ending. Although our new place is larger, I'm hoping the cleaning tasks are more manageable since I won't have 3 floors, two staircases and 3.5 bathrooms to clean. Wait...I will still have 2 staircases but only one of them is carpeted. Damn. Although I've been cleaning for 3 hours, the things that need to be done is still long. Who am I kidding? Once I cross one thing off of the list I add two more!

I'm taking a break now and making baked kale chips. They are seriously addictive. It's the only way I eat kale nowadays and I make them daily. When I run out of kale, I crave it until I get more. The first time I tried making them a few years ago, they turned out horribly. I recently read some new tips on how to make them better and now I just can't get enough.

The farmer's market in the neighborhood starts running again on Wednesday. I am so excited! I've missed it so. Sure, there are 3 farmer's markets that are year-round in other parts of the city, but I never seem to make it to any of them. It's likely because they happen on the weekends and I find myself focusing on other things (like cleaning) on my Saturdays and Sundays.

OK - off to do more things on my list while I wait for my kale chips to bake!

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