Tuesday, May 18, 2010


After multiple successes at using the toilet while out in public last week, I decided to take away the diapers on Sunday. After a couple of accidents at first, he figured out that he can't just pee wherever and used the potty like a champ ALL DAY LONG! He had one more accident after he put his jammies on that night. On Monday, we were out all day in underwear with no accidents. I put him in a pull-up for his nap but it was totally unnecessary. Last night, we put him in a pull-up for bedtime (we call them nighttime underwear). When I checked on him before I went to bed, he had taken his pajama pants off. When I asked him why this morning, he thought he had gotten them wet when he peed in the pull-up. So who knows...maybe he won't need 'nighttime underwear' for very long. He hasn't pooped on the potty yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to work that out. Right now, he's at preschool in underwear and I'm hoping he does really well there. This whole potty-training thing is going so much better than expected. My guess is because I waiting so long.

I've been having a lot of physical pain with this pregnancy to where it hurts to stand and walk. I finally bought a maternity belt to help support my growing belly and can already tell the difference. The pain has really hindered packing progress. Speaking of, I need to use the rest of my free time this morning getting some packing done!

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