Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Camp Stories

Dictated by Malcolm on 7/27/11

The car zooms and then it zooms faster and then it goes into the mud. More cars come and rescue it. And some more and more and more cars come and crash by accident. And a dinosaur comes. A T-Rex. And two flying reptiles come. And they wreck the city and they wreck the cars. Monkeys come. There's a Jumanji game in the story. That's what happens to dinosaurs and reptiles and the monkeys come. Even more reptiles come. More reptiles come. And birds come and dinosaurs eat them. The End.

Dictated by Malcolm on 7/29/11

Cars come. Dinosaurs come. More and more and more cars come. Even more and more and more dinosaurs come. Flying reptiles come and more. That's the end.

Dictated by Malcolm on 8/2/11

The dinosaurs come. Cars crash into them and one jumped right over them and fell into the mud. Even more and more and more dinosaurs come and eat all the cars. The people get eaten then they spit them out. The people go "uh oh". They go "uh oh" again. And then they go "bluh bluh". And then even more and more and more dead people come. And then they turn into zombies. And then more and more and more and more and more dinosaurs come. Even more and more and more dinosaurs come. They eat the other cars. They eat villains. The dinosaurs die. Even more dinosaurs come and help them get alive again. They eat birdies. The birdies die. The people die even more. Babies come. The grown ups that are taller - the daddy dinosaurs - take care of the baby. The End.


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