Monday, January 03, 2005


Work has been very busy and my nights have been filled with non-computer stuff.

Christmas was fun and relaxing.
Work has been "interesting."
New Years Eve was tons of fun. We had a few people over and then we wandered out for a night of debauchery. I would show you the pictures, but mom would see them and then i would be embarrassed!

Saturday was spent cleaning and recovering.
Sunday was spent snowboarding at Crystal. The conditions were less than ideal, but they weren't scary like Whistler.

Oh wait! I almost forgot the news that will make all of my family members worry! Christmas weekend, we got up insanely early and drove up to Mt.Baker. it was me, tony, natalie & evgenia. We met up with Chris when we got there. On Evgenia's second run, she broke her arm! Tony & I were out on another part of the mountain and didn't find out until we met up with Natalie for lunch. Nat & I got the car and pick evgenia up from the medic station and drove her back to Seattle. She was admitted into the hospital and had surgery the next day. Yes, her arm was that badly broken. She now has a plate in it.

2 friends have broken themselves this year already! It is so The Suck!

p.s. happy new year!

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