Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Weekend in the woods


three-day work weeks always kick my ass.

Weekend update: Tony, Chris, Natalie, Julie and I headed to the Northern Cascades Saturday afternoon after Nat got off from work. We arrived at the campsite a couple of hours before dark and set everything up, started a fire and then cooked dinner. While I was packing earlier in the day, I pulled my upper back a little. When I woke up Sunday morning, I could barely move. I haven't been in that kind of pain in quite some time.

the plan for Sunday was to do this cool hike. I could barely move, so I stuck around with Julie (she wasn't planning on going) and we went to town to find some stuff that might provide me relief. It rained a bit Sunday morning and proceeded to rain throughout the day. We put up a tarp for protection before the rest of the crew got back. We were quite glad since it rained on and off for the rest of the night. We did the dinner thing again and then sat around the fire. That's what you do when you camp, right?

My mobility was up on Monday and I felt OK enough to do a bit of hiking. However, Natalie & tony were pretty wrecked from the previous day. We packed up camp and then headed to the hike that Cathy, Eric, Tony & I went on a couple of months ago since it's not too strenuous of a trail. After hanging out at Blue Lake for awhile, we headed back to the car and headed home.

We all had fun even though I was in pain. i'm still not quite right. The crew said the hike was awesome, so we definitely plan on going back next summer. The camping season is official over.

Laundry is calling...I'm headed off to San Diego tomorrow evening to help Jenn move into her new condo (we hope!)

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