Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have 12 minutes to write this post

I am being naughty and spending the last few minutes of my workday writing this post. Here is a summary of what's been going down in SeaTown:

Last night: laundry & cleaning fun
Monday night: Painting at Julie's
Sunday: lunch with Natalie, Julie & Tony at Blue C Sushi before helping Julie with house stuff. Dinner at Hopevine with Natalie, Chris, Chrisbee, Sunny, Tony and brief appearances by Cody, Josh and Brian.
Saturday: brunch at 5 Spot before heading over to Julie's to help with house stuff. Birthday party for Julie & Natalie at Chris' house that night.
Friday after work: NIN concert with Julie and then party at our house for Amanda's 30th birthday.

Weekend before last, we had people over on Friday night for Jeremiah's birthday party. On Saturday, we saw Dead Can Dance at the Paramount. Amazing show!

So yeah, I've been pretty busy. Tony's mom & sister are arriving on Friday. Stephanie will be leaving on Monday (sis) but Sherry will be staying all week.

Slack time = 0

I bought our tickets for our Florida trip in November. Whee!

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