Monday, November 14, 2005

Flying on a jet plane

I think we found our favorite rental at Whistler this past weekend. The house we rented out was recently redecorated and it was actually done tastefully. You see, most of these places are fodder for fun-making. The place we reserved for our December trip has a green, plaid sofa. Seriously!

We found the place we stayed this weekend for super cheap since the season started a few weeks before usual. The slate floors were heated and it has a private hot tub. it would have been better if the thermostat wasn't broken on it, though. However, the management company was very apologetic about this and mentioned trying to work at a discount for us the next time we stayed there. I think we'd all be down with that.

Chris, Julie, Tony and I left for Whistler after work on Friday. We made a dinner stop at Casa Que Pasa on the way up. We woke up early on Saturday to head to the mountain. The lift tickets were discounted and we soon found out why - the conditions were still quite early-season. We boarded for a bit and headed in for an early lunch. Tony had started mentioning feeling ill the night before and it had only gotten worse. After lunch, we boarded for a little bit more and then decided to head down since Tony was not feeling any better. We went into the village and picked him up some medicine and headed back to the house.

Poor thing - he was in and out of a fever and couldn't get rid of the nausea. We hung around the house for a bit feeding him toast and Aleve and finally he started feeling more human. We decided to go out for sushi since that is what tony was in the mood for (he hadn't really eaten since the night before). The sushi was absolutely fabulous. After dinner, we headed back to the house and ended up going to bed really early.

The next morning, we slept in. It had snowed a bit throughout the night and there was a nice coat of white covering everything outside. So Beautiful. Tony still wasn't feeling great, so we decided to skip snowboarding on Sunday and headed back to Seattle.

I wish I could say that i got pictures, but my battery needed to be charged and i didn't check it before we headed out to the mountain. Oops.

I'm pretty much packed for our trip and will be getting up early in the morning to head into work for a few hours before we catch our plane at 1:15. I checked the weather forcast today for Naples - the highs are meant to be in the mid-80's! We are so not used to that kind of heat! I keep telling everyone that we are going to get tans on our vacation. We'll see if that can actually happen :)

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betsy said...

even if the snow wasn't so good that sounds like a great weekend... i am still giggling about a restaurant named casa que pasa.