Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh Look! A week later.

Where does the time go? I do not know.

This weekend was great fun. Tony & I took off from work a little early so we could be sure to grab the best site at the campground. We set up camp and then our friends showed up a couple hours after we arrived. The camping crew on this trip was Me, Tony, Chris, Heather, Natalie, Jeremy and Kristin. Saturday, we went on a 5-hour hike up to Shannon Ridge. Sunday, we boated on Lake Baker. See the picture evidence here. Driving 2 hours out of Seattle to have a fun weekend like this is one of the top reasons why I love living in the Northwest.

Far-away family & friends - if you want to plan a camping trip up here next summer, I'd be totally down with that. The best months to camp are June through August.


Anonymous said...

Kris - these were SO COOL! How freakin' beautiful! It also looks like a great group of friend to share the experience with - glad you decided to do it...Jenn

Stine said...

Ok, so relaxing that looks. Man, I'd love to go on one of these trips.

Fely said...

Wow!!!! It must be so fun!!!!