Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clock watching

I hate this part of the morning. The part where I have to wait to eat and I'm really hungry. I have to take my thyroid medication on an empty stomach and then wait an hour to eat after I take it. I can have water, but that's it. I also have to wait 4 hours to take anything else like multivitamins and Tylenol. Even though I've been on this medication for 4 years now, I still hate this part.

What will happen if I do eat before the hour is up? I imagine that the medication won't work as well and I'll end up feeling like my veins are filled with cement instead of blood. Therefore, the most I'll risk is 10 minutes. I admit, sometimes I just can't wait the full hour and I'll eat food 50 minutes after taking the medication.

The clock is getting close to the magic hour so I'm going to go make some coffee and pour myself a bowl of cereal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey from Tallahassee!

Piet and I just read you blog - ugh that really sucks Kris.

Cameron and I have been here all week - we head back Sunday afternoon. Piet is awesome - simply the best - he rocks my world - mush mush...(Piet is done typing now)...Cameron starts school on Monday, Wow, yikes, etc...

Loved, loved, loved "Applesauce" thanks for sharing.

Lots of love and hugs for baby Mal,

Jenn and Cam and Piet