Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Co-sleeper update

Monday night, I put Malcolm to bed in his co-sleeper. He proceeded to wake up every half hour. The last time he woke up before I went to bed, Tony went up to settle him. Unfortunately, he's still having difficulty putting him back down and getting him to stay asleep. So, when I went to bed, Mal was put in the bed with me.

Tuesday night, I put Mal to bed in the co-sleeper again. This time, he only woke up once before I headed to bed. The next time he woke up, I was already in bed. I picked him up to settle him, but could not figure out how to put him back down in his co-sleeper while I was sitting on the bed and holding him while sitting up in bed was KILLING my back. So I put him down in bed with me again.

Tonight, he's in his co-sleeper again and I guess that I'll have to get out of bed when I put him back down. We'll see how long I can keep him out of our bed since, in all honesty, he's there because it's easiest for me.

Before this week, I'd settle him by nursing him. I've stopped that and he didn't seem to even notice which is a surprise to me. We're making progress and it's been at the right pace for all of us.


Amanda said...

Here's to progress--and hoping you get some longer bouts of sleep soon!

Dana said...

Out of curiosity, why are you stopping nursing him to settle him? Are you trying to nightwean him?

Miss Kris said...

Dana - I'm not trying to night-wean him, but am trying to get him to sleep for longer periods of time. For some reason, comforting him other ways helps. I'll still nurse him when he wakes and needs to eat.